Kamis, 08 Oktober 2015

[Review] Massimo - Best Italian in Sanur

Literaly the best Italian restaurant I,ve been so far. I need to walk 700mtrs and que for 25mins but it totally paid off.

First, the service is amazing, staff always smiling when making eye contact, explained politely on waiting list and offer some activity at the bar or gelato or another.

The head chef, come at evening mingle with the guest, chat, and welcome us at each table. Very humble.

After we enjoy our meal the staff also checking on how is the food taste, and yes it taste excellent.
I love their free bread, forget the name but it looks like a dough but fried with great taste.

The pasta is freshly made, and they manage to cook well, not to soft not too hard, i have been to places with names but dont know how to cook pasta. I ordered Fettucini creme de fungi and it cost only 55k. My husband order spiedini di pesce alla gragillia. Its like seafood satay, with spinach and potatoe, i dont know how they cook it but it taste amazing too. 79k.

Their price for beer, mineral water etc is just reasonable. My husband order Pinacolada which is light and refreshing. I mean it with taste a 5 stars.

I dont mind if tonight my husband take me here again, cause we haven't grab their pizza.

I wanna come back for more....
Our main course
calzone IDR 20k
Pina Colada, 79k

Selasa, 29 September 2015

[Review] Bread Basket Sanur

Cute little place that have all simple affordable breakfast by far. Located in JL Danau Tamblingan.
From the outside, the outlet seems super cute, and so we enter at 7 am to enjoy tea and cappucino. Yet when i enter the place has unique decorations and it feels so lovely.
The bread display is excellent. The coffee was ok and the english breakfast is splendid. It came with bacon, sausages, mushroom n prey, salad, brown bread, and scrambled egg. Just what i need to start the day.
I didnt buy any bread but I am sure it taste amazing, seeing people came and go to buy their bread. They baked many kind of bread, croissant, pastry, cake, bagel and i also see pretzels.
Gonna come again.
Super Cute Seating area
English Breakfast - IDR 40k

Rabu, 19 Agustus 2015

Sushi Tei LOVE

LOVE is stand for Lotte Shopping Avenue - Ciputra World Kuningan Jakarta.
Lately i love visiting this venue for variety of food stall in the foodcourt and also they have big restaurants so you never have to worry that you'll miss a seat.

This dinner with my hubby, we pick Sushi Tei because he just love sushi. We are not happen to eat all Sushi there but just try different plate. We didnt get the seat in the sushi bar, guess some people ahead us already.. well.. its ok we just can make an order and pick from the menu.

We start by choosing Fried Salmon Skin (38), Owari Set (90). baked salmon maki(22). and Spicy Crispy Roll (38). There were just the two of us so we didnt drive ourself crazy by ordering so many menu. The drinks, we ordered Ocha cold (free flow ) and Lemongrass tea(20).

What I like:
They serve fast
Their sushi is just the best in town
Their sushi came with lots of variety

Will I come again? Well I've been here a lot, so of course I will.

Munch Hello!

Senin, 29 Desember 2014

KOREAN FOOD - School Food blooming Mari @ Lotte Shopping Avenue

Lupa banget mau cerita tentang resto ini. Konsepnya sih seperti namanya school food, resto Korea ini menjual makanan anak sekolahan, jadi semacam jajanan di deket sekolah korea or bekal sekolah. Tapi kok pas makan harganya ga sesuai ya sama kantong anak sekolah hihihi..

Sempet datang ke sana bareng temen-temen ex Gedung Kantor lama (beneran karena geng gw ini sama sama kerja di GKBI building tp nama kantornya beda-beda). Trus krn itu pas bulan puasa dan ternyata sepi restaurant-nya jadi kita kumpul disini deh.

Waitressnya sigap banget menyapa kita, ramah n cukup mengagetkan, beneran deh karena suaranya lantang. Lokasi OK, restauran designnya juga lumayan fancy (padahal harusnya school kan temanya ya?).


Kimbab - Kita order yg Mix Mari ya or family mari, lupa deh tapi yg jelas tampangnya kaya dibawah, lumayan banyak padahal kita udah berlima tp ga habis (kl di jepang disebut sushi, disini mungkin lemper hihihi) 

Jjangachi Ramyon - ini porsinya besar, seperti ramyon khas korea lah, bumbunya dan juga pedesnya pas bener, cuman harganya aja ga mirip di Seoul paling harganya sekitar IDR 25rb disini IDR 70rb.

Cheese Toppoki - ini porsinya juga lumayan, meltingnya mozarela ini beneran deh yummi, imagine that you are Korean Italiano.. ini salah satu alasan pengen balik k resto ini untuk makan Toppoki versi itali ini.. :)

Lupa mau sebutin namanya, tp kalau gak salah aku beli Strawberry Cotton gitu, rasanya sih kaya Strawberry soda water gitu, standar sih harga sekitar iDR 35k.

Cotton heaven 

Set of Family Mari 

Jjangachi Ramyon

Cheese Mozzarella Toppoki- JUARA banget!!

Nah lain kali kamu mampir k Lotte Shopping Avenue, coba deh naik ke lantai 3, trus di seberang sushi tei coba tengok ada resto in, worth to try kok. 

Ciputra World, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Lantai 3, Jl. Prof Dr Satrio, Karet, Jakarta

ERZ, love. 

Selasa, 14 Oktober 2014

[REVIEW] SKIN FOOD - Quinoa Rich BOdy Milk

This body milk is in the form lotion.
It contains of quinoa extract promising to create a creamy layer to give a dry skin a softer, smoother texture.

what is quinoa (Chenopodium Quinoa) is cultivated on Andes Mountain. Its found and famous for anti-irritant, anti-oxidant, and has repairing properties. The Quinoa seeds is fermented to elevate to the next level.

  • Silky smooth body lotion
  • fast absorb
  • fresh feeling in hand
  • Smell unique typically SKINFOOD which is nice
  • temporarily moist  last only 5 min
  • when I scratch (small scratch in my hand) its dry look again in very short time

Will not buy this product.

Senin, 11 Agustus 2014

LATTICE CAFE - Egg Benedict style for breakfast

It is obvious I love breakfast menu. Sometimes the reason for me staying in a hotel is because their breakfast options.

I would like to tell my late lunch in Lattice cafe. Its a small cafe in Deutsche Bank Office (my husband office). Lattice sell options of pasta with pretty high price. I really think the price they offer is a bit expensive compare to their cafe condition which is not big or fancy like Starbucks, Coffe bean etc.

This chance I picked their EGG BENEDICT. Yes, it is again a Breakfast menu :).  My colleague at work tell me that Egg benedict with hollandaise sauce was awesome. The way she told me makes me curious then I try this.

My opinion is their sauce is bad. I dont really grip in my tongue that they had great taste. Their pasta is good but this egg benedict taste so so and over price :). If then next time I found in another restaurant and I still don't like it, maybe my taste just doesn't fit in with this breakfast menu.

Lattice Cafe:
Deutsche Bank Building
Jl Imam Bonjol no.80
Jakarta Pusat 10310

Kamis, 07 Agustus 2014

[talkoutlaugh] baby Zach "biarin gendut"

Sudah cukup lama tidak cerita tentang baby Zach.

Now he is more than 2.5years. Baby Zach sangat unik dia suka banget "bicara" alias bawel.

Misalnya dia kan suka sekali makan sampai tembem pipinya, terus kita bilang:
Mommie: Zach, ini sudah jam 9 malam, jangan makan nasi lagi ya
Zach: Mau nasi momi..
Momie: Nanti gendut gimana?
Zach: Biarin gendut,.. (trus dia ngomong sambil peragaan tanganya) biarin bakpau.. pipinya,..

Wahahaha, I love my boy!