Minggu, 28 Oktober 2012

Prince Waffle Wafflelicious

I love waffle as an english breakfast.
Well correct, im not in England and I live in Indonesia where rice with coconut sesame is the main breakfast menu. I love waffle, so here in Jakarta, there are few places who has waffle in their restaurant menu.

When i moved to AXA tower, i work in 25 floor, now i often spend my time buy snacks or anything to refresh my mind during working hour. Usually I bought Chatime - tea shop, starbuck etc. Now, my favorite is prince waffle, at the first time i only bought one, the GRANDE they call it, i bought choco chips, and no i bought everyday home. I love the ice cream waffle, they named it: FREEZE, the saus its so yuumii and melting. I am once tried the cheese sauce, then tiramisu, and yesterday the cappucino and also matcha.

they are not really expensive if you compare to Auntie's Anne which start become very rare in Jakarta. the price range is IDR 7000 - 15000, so u dont have to dig in deep ur pocket to get one.
Just try it, its really worth a dessert!

this pic taken from www.princewaffle.com

Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

Chatime Favorite Bubble

Chatime is now in Indonesia.
I am a bubble tea drink fans. Chatime provide a brewed tea, which is more healthy than instant drink.
Also the specialty, is they made it by your order: lil sugar? more cream? half sugar? etc.
Though in Indonesia the price is about overprice, but still buy it once in a week wont kill you.
I love bubble tea drink, pearl milk tea or matcha smoothie would be my favorites.
The price rate start from 18.000 to 24.000 or about more or less $ 2.
Well, pricy? Yeah but life needs to be enjoy for a while.
As far as I know they had method of stamp collection, so once u bought one drink u got one stamps and when you can collect 10 you get a free drink. Yayyy..
So they are now available in Semanggi, Central park and of course in my office Kuningan City.
Love it.