Minggu, 19 Mei 2013

Essentials: Fairness Skin Lightening Complex oriflame

Not that I want to be white color type of skin.
I just bought this because I love the color pink packaging, its simple but nice pink.
I havent try it yet, later when I try for one week I will put it in my review.
I forgot the price hehehe, because i just bought it in total ;D

here is the list that I purchased:
1. Oriflame essentials FAIRNESS Balancing Cleanser 125 ml
2. Oriflame essentials FAIRNESS Balancing Toner 100 ml
3. Oriflame essentials FAIRNESS Gel Lotion 50 ml

I will use them for a week starting 21 May 2013.
Wait for my review!
I like this picture better: *iphone 3G/2MP

Ok Finally, I have been using this product for a week.

  • The balancing cleanser: I really don't like the smell, its not fresh at all. It is liquid and transparant and feels little slimy in our palm, and hard to get is wash off from our face. I dont understand about the cleaning effect, but I am sure it does clean in a very small portion of the dirt.
  • The TONER: Yes its my favorite, it doesn't smell anything, which is good. I apply it on a cotton and rub gently onto our face after using the balancing cleanser, yes the dirt stick there! It is very nice all the dirt that can't be washed off its now gone and my face is now ready for the next apply of cream/lotion/make up.
  • The Skin Lotion: I don't know why they call it a gel? because it is not in a form a gel. It is purely a lotion and its nice. When I apply it onto my face skin, its easily absorbed and not to thick or slime. I don't comment about the whitening effect because I don't expect that, but I guess you need to wait for 1 month to see the whitening effect.
Overall, the only nice and recommended from this series is only the TONER&LOTION, its worth to buy, the other it doesn't really work. But I really like the TONER.

If you really want to have a bright spotless look and vibrant just use BB cream, and my recommendation is BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream.

Senin, 13 Mei 2013

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market - Second trip to Bangkok

a dirty floating market.. and not so crowd and wonderful as talked

Regret! Menyesal!

That's what I felt when I finally visited this floating market (#&(*#&*!%#$). I have been doing some research before I visit and read that wont be very expensive to visit this place! (please consider I brought 5 people with me and its all charge on me, or lets just say my treat).

I rent a car/taxi for THB 2000/10 hours. I think its cheap since the floating market is out of Bangkok, it is in Ratchaburi province which take 1.5-2 hours by free way. You can

The driver didn't take us to the main floating market, but to the port so we need to rent a boat/very small boat/kayak with machine that cost me THB 700/person or in total THB 3,500 or USD 120!
I was shock with the price but no bargain, I want to cancel but our trip there is taking 2hours so canceling would be a very disappointing for my Mom and Mother in law. So I paid. I went there because i want to buy "Durian sticky rice" which the hotel person said plenty there, but its not the season of Durian +__+ *burst in tears*. So we actually went there for nothing!

The view is ugly, the river is very dirty ( i have seen Chonggye Cheon river in Seoul, its amazing clean).
the life was very bad to see, and the price of the items is the most expensive of all. For example, I bought t-Shirt in Chatucak for THB 150 and they sell same stuff at the cost of THB 900!! Crazy price isn't it?!! The food not really nice, the people are annoying and unfriendly, I really hate this floating market.

My mom is complaining because this place is like untouchable, and also its not clean after all. we spent only 1 hours and back to our car and do sightseeing in another place.

Its not worth the price is USD 120, I can use the money to pay the hotel in luxury for 3 nights at i-Residence hotel. So, if you want to see the wonder of beauty of Bangkok do not visit this place.

Here is some picture!
My mom shop Durian finally

My Mom in law eat Kwetiaw

Some Fruit seller,

me and my baby-poor him to be in a small tiny boat

other touriest try shop here.. nasty