Rabu, 26 Juni 2013

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 review

Today im gonna write about another BB cream.

As my previous explanation about BB cream, it's a kind of Foundation that do with "level up" function to our face.
This time, I picked Missha Brand, my number 2 favorite brand after BRTC.

My BB cream 35gr
Missha 20gr

Missha has many options of BB cream that honestly I haven't give a try the other but this was my third time using this BB cream.

What I like?

  • It texture smooth, non sticky and combine very well with my brown skin (im Indonesian)
  • SPF 42 ++ give very high protection especially when I would like to go out office for lunch time
  • The have healling function: reducing wrinkle and yes after using it for 1 week I can see the Spruten and wrinkle around my eyes is decreasing.
  • The Brand itself is better than another new product from Korean which famous for the cosmetic rather than Skin Care= MISSHA
  • Very well doing the Skin Cover (I have large pore and Missha cover it well)
  • It has effect like you're wearing compact powder (when I use BB cream I never wear/use addition in my face such us powder or compact, because bb cream do it all)
  • Long last effect, I don't do reapply until 5 pm, consider it well absorb of oil in my face.
  • The price of course medium for 20gr you can get around IDR 100,000 by online store, and for 35gr you can get around IDR 190,000,- I don't think they have the store yet in Jakarta (but please let me know if they do have)
So in an instant I would say I recommend this item better than Skinfood brand, but if you
d like smooth skin shinny effect like in Korean Drama girl, I recommend BRTC Brand.
and this is my face result:
After using BB cream Missha-taken with iPhone

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Minggu, 16 Juni 2013

ASIATIQUE Night Market, second visit to Bkk

I looooooooooooooove this market.
Its an open air night market and its so edgy, we feel like in the mall but the ambience is more cozy.
Yes, it is Asiatique The River Front that is located in Charoen Krung Road, built around a restored pier constructed in 1900s.

What to offer?
Entertainment of cabaret show, middle class shopping, Food and dine!

For shopaholic don't worry because although it sounds like middle class the price is not that really expensive compare to other tourist area such us Damnoen Saduak. The close to Chatucak weekend market.
The store are very iconic, and very cute! I really love them and of course i visit Naraya the authentic bangkok bags store.
The price range for the meals is a bit expensive from THB 100-1000, but food stall you can pick the meals for THB 60-80!

To get there?

you can take a taxi, take BTS/MRT hop on Saphan taksin and they provide you with free shuttle boat to the market, fascinating isn't it?

This river front open daily from 5 pm until late. What I like is they are well organized, the have this Gigantic Ferris Wheel, where you can hop on just paid THB 250! 

Let me share some picture then:

Alternatif to Saphan taksin by Tuk TUk

Finally in Asiatique the river front

Free shuttle that take us to Asiatique - its free of charge

Naraya near the gigantic wheel

the gigantic wheels and also the clock tower, its great!

After Shopping

Cute shop are everywhere

SKINFOOD: NAIL VITA ESSENCE, a cure to my broken nail

I have this cracked and yellow color on my nail.
The cause is because too much nail painting and let my nail with no breath experience.
Therefore, I need vitamin!
last time I bough in Face SHop the wrong product which is cuticula remover, well the store keeper guide me wrongly.
As last time from shopping in chicprincesa.com I bought this new vita essence and its very cheap also.
I have been using it for 2 weeks and i can say I like it.
My nail look healthier and wasnt dry like it use to.
The texture is liquid in a broken white color, and it feels nice when apply to my nail.
Just apply and wait to dry, thats it.

I can't wait until my nail is completely healthy and I can do another coloring. Yayyy..

Product: Skin Food, (no information on the contain)
Function: vitamin and keratin for the nail.

Quick Link:

wait for other review:

Minggu, 02 Juni 2013

Cheap Korean Cosmetic I bought!

Things I've been bought recently from online shop for Korean Cosmetic/SKinCare.

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - SKinfood
2. Pure Water Facial Mist, Jeju Marine - Faceshop
3. M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42++ No.21 - Missha
4. Nail Care Vitamin for the Nail - SkinFood

Three of those brand was my favorite, because when I was in Seoul like years ago (udah lama buanget) they are the cheapest product. I dont know why here in Jakarta they sell them very expensive.

The Product for no 1 & 3 is re-buy, because I love them and it works on my hair and face. No.2 is new product from Faceshop on facial mist care, and no 4 i never been reviewed.

I am gonna write the review, days later.