Senin, 11 Agustus 2014

LATTICE CAFE - Egg Benedict style for breakfast

It is obvious I love breakfast menu. Sometimes the reason for me staying in a hotel is because their breakfast options.

I would like to tell my late lunch in Lattice cafe. Its a small cafe in Deutsche Bank Office (my husband office). Lattice sell options of pasta with pretty high price. I really think the price they offer is a bit expensive compare to their cafe condition which is not big or fancy like Starbucks, Coffe bean etc.

This chance I picked their EGG BENEDICT. Yes, it is again a Breakfast menu :).  My colleague at work tell me that Egg benedict with hollandaise sauce was awesome. The way she told me makes me curious then I try this.

My opinion is their sauce is bad. I dont really grip in my tongue that they had great taste. Their pasta is good but this egg benedict taste so so and over price :). If then next time I found in another restaurant and I still don't like it, maybe my taste just doesn't fit in with this breakfast menu.

Lattice Cafe:
Deutsche Bank Building
Jl Imam Bonjol no.80
Jakarta Pusat 10310

Kamis, 07 Agustus 2014

[talkoutlaugh] baby Zach "biarin gendut"

Sudah cukup lama tidak cerita tentang baby Zach.

Now he is more than 2.5years. Baby Zach sangat unik dia suka banget "bicara" alias bawel.

Misalnya dia kan suka sekali makan sampai tembem pipinya, terus kita bilang:
Mommie: Zach, ini sudah jam 9 malam, jangan makan nasi lagi ya
Zach: Mau nasi momi..
Momie: Nanti gendut gimana?
Zach: Biarin gendut,.. (trus dia ngomong sambil peragaan tanganya) biarin bakpau.. pipinya,..

Wahahaha, I love my boy!

PIZZA HUT - High Breakfast at low Price!

Yesterday, I was about too early to the office. Me and husband decided to stop and have a breakfast in Pizza Hut BenHil, Jakarta.

Its been a while since I noticed they had breakfast item, but I never got the chance to taste them. Now is the time.

Whats interesting?
They have several egg platter menu which give you FREE (1-6 choices) items such us coffee, tea, pizza, porridge etc.
Their portion is also just enough for breakfast, not too much and not too small.  Their vietnamese coffee

What did we picked?
Husband choose Rice Omelette Platter IDR 26,700
Me choose Beef Mushroom Omellete Platter IDR 26,700
Free: Caliza (kind of calzone type of pizza) and Vietnamese Coffee.

They taste great, just see the picture!
You can check the menu here in this Menu PH link.