Selasa, 31 Juli 2012


I really really want to have this hair look! but how come> since  my hair is thin now..

this is becoming my wish list? Whats yours?


Nowdays, there are lots of website where we vcan create frame for our picture and its for free.
I try several picture and this is the result.

Here is my baby:


15 August 2009 -Singapore

Our first trip so Sing, when we skip together on Friday from our duties in office!
Feels so free and so much fun! We had no stress at all at that time. Thanks God we met our friend in Sing, she guide us back from Sentosa Island and go sightseeing in several places such us:

The Esplanade:

Here in Esplanade we took a walk from the Sing Symbol (the lion statue), it was pretty far since several other friend join we had fun!

Orchard Road
Nothings really happening here, just we walked down the street while we finished shopping in BUGIS market and bought things such us glasses, watch, shirt etc.

Before we meet Bela our friend we did go ourself to Sentosa Island, and goes to Sentosa beach, try Skyride and sightseeing for a while.

We need to buy a ticket to enter the Sentosa island, the ticket is return to get on a sky train that delivered us there.
The Beach is made! It is so fake no wave, its just like a playground. Yet, indeed the sentosa island is a playground only.
SKYRIDE is the only exciting!

Totally about Singapore city is boring, its just a city, small and indeed it is a Country, but it so small and I would never go there again since they provide the entertain that is not fit to my style. The transportation and the food are so expensive. I love nature better. But so far the city is so clean and neat. This is what I love about Singapore. 

Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Hair Salon before Runaway

14 August 2009 - It was very funny to remember when four of us planning to escape from the Office. Me with my freaky hair was planning to the salon first before meeting in Semanggi with two of my best friend. My ex Boyfren who is my Husband now, just got back from the USA, but I left him in Jakarta for this Hilarious runaway. Luckily near my office there are so many hair salon that was able to manage my messy hair in a second. yup only 5 Dollar and I got a manageable hair.

Here is my Friend who is canceling going with us. But he has played his part as good guidance to all our trip detail. yahooo...

I am in the middle

Finally this is my hair..

what a transforming!

Sabtu, 28 Juli 2012


Brantas River-2009!

Jakarta, 29 July 2012-.

The last time I took a visit to Kertosono, my father home town was in 2010 with my beloved Husband after our wedding which was on March, I guess. I also meet my sista there who is directly went there from Papua (Irian Jaya) where she worked at that time.
Galang-Me-Gita my sister

Guess What! I got a another ticket there. These time I bought a ticket to YOGYA and my cousin in law will pick me and take me to KLATEN, Middle Java my mother home town. There is no airport both in Klaten n Kertosono that is why I prefer to fly to Yogya first which is 1 hour from Klaten. 

My mom was so jealous because every 2 year I go to Kertosono, but never to Klaten. I remember it was my 2nd Junior High School its like.. 15 years ago! I will surely write down my next trip to Klaten.

After that I will take a train ticket to Kertosono on the day after, since they run out ticket from Klaten. I will stay for 2Nights in Kertosono and go back to Jakarta soon. 

Cant wait! 

Kamis, 26 Juli 2012


Mall Taman Anggrek -Jakarta, Feb, 2010.
That was the date when I bought the shoes. At first I saw it in Semanggi Plaza where the price like 699.000 well I dont know for someone else but for me the price is very expensive. Since, it my wedding day I decided to buy it anyway then I got it in MEtro -TA Mall where they gave it discount for 10% Yummy!!
I bought 2 Noche Shoes for me and my sister for the wedding.

This is a historical shoes and I never use if but to my wedding because the heels even its only 7cm but im not heels type of a girl. 

Last week, 21 July 2012, My friend Tintin (Aguestin) borrow it from me and use it to her MBA Graduation day, that make me so proud. 

This shoes is a historical shoes! ^.^


Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta. 15 December 2008

My Mom, Pak Puh(my Dad best friend) attending my graduation. I use Indonesian traditional dress, so awkward.. but looking this picture making me feel silly.

My GPA is 3.7 but its not that hard to get since going to LSPR is so much easy. The lesson was not to hard, its just like lesson in life hehehe or so I thought..

Well among my friends at college is the most memorable one. I miss them like a lot. especially Bunda n Tante maya

REWIND - life at 2009

I would like to rewind all of the happening thing on 2009, how happy I am with my friend in Pf****.
As we all know we cant turn back time and here we are again need to face the future. 
Since I want to catch up all, I will try to post all good memories I had..
Yes Indeed, time has passed very fast and now the time for me to move on.. it feels sad but they're not here anymore..

Anggi n Icha will always stay in my heart as the very fist person who become my friend in P*****

WOW its me!

I have almost forget about owning this blog and yes it is still active. I mean wow.. its been Years..
I dont know where to start, I was single and now, I am not only a married woman but a mother of a son.
I am still no different, live the way I want to.
And Yes I am still working at the same company after 4 years.
I also still sharing my picture in the if you kinda wanna check them out.
I  think i am gonna still using this blog to write to practice my english anyway, since its been a long time I am not writing in English.