Kamis, 22 November 2012

Baby Zac - teeth

My baby Zac is now 10 months.
He has 6 teeth already since he was 7 month.
He Moved around and sound so funny everytime.
I have his hair cut twice already, the things is he never complain or do anything annoying during his haircut. He just stay still like an adorable kid.
When I got back from the office i just stare at his funny act and I laugh out loud.
Mommy n Daddy really love you Zac.
I dont know why I'm very blessed.
watch my teeth ;)

Minggu, 11 November 2012

i residence SILOM hotel review - Bangkok

Bangkok - 25 May 2012; hotel Review on budget Hotel i residence hotel.
My first trip to Bangkok with my 4 months old baby n my beloved husband and friends. Rio who is normally visits Bangkok every 2 month and claim that Bangkok is his hometown which is not because he is litteraly Indonesian, reccomended this hotel for us (what can I say he just in love with Bangkok and now that I visit Bangkok I understand why).
My first impression when visit this hotel is the location! its just a step away from BTS ChongNonSi which is incredible. One minutes from the train station where we can just reach everywhere near. The location is not that loud, quite actually but behind the hotel they have Trinity mall which I miss to visit. They have Seven Eleven and many cheap resto nearby if you want to grab cheap dinner and even McDonald.
The lobby is small and so purple, rather dark and modern. the LIFT is Broken to the second floor but our room is in the second floor.. Hiks.. so sad. Inside the room? BIG and Huge for the price, 24 meter so not bad. Weird that the King Bed is actually twin bed combined into one. The people here is very helpful, when my AirConditioner Broke they try to fix it at 2 am but finally they move our room to another room.
Great experience for Budget Hotel (THB 1400/night) quite cheap. I have book again through booking.com for my next visit to Bangkok with my family next year on 2013. (www.booking.com)
Please check out my photo using iphone ;)


the toilet is clean enough for me ;)

Kamis, 08 November 2012

[REVIEW] SKIN 79: Pearl Pact Hologram

Hi Galz,
This is actually my last shopping online which was just 3 weeks ago (despite I had plan already to get a new BB cream from my favorite online store: www.chic-princessa.com).
I bought several item, but this time I want to put a comment on this pearl pact. I was actually looking for a pact because I personally think that pact is lighter than two way cake (if you know what I mean, that they sometimes too greasy). So I falling in love to this Hologram pearl pact from SKIN 79 -one of korean cosmetic leader in South Korea.

Luv it, even when I opened the case: they have the acrylic separator, so that it separate the puff from the powder yaaay.. so luv it. It came with a very soft powder puff.

When you apply on your check you will be surprised since the pact powder is actually glittery and OoOo I was just like,, what?? is this a party powder??? but then again when I apply it, its not too heavy in my face and make my face glam ;) so shiny love it like a much but its not extra sparkling.
Personally, i love the hologram effect it makes my face become less dull (not that I have a very dull face.. but you know so lack of confidence lately since this month I am 29 Huaaa.. +__+ burst in tears..).

  • The glitter effect might perfect for party make up
  • Its not covering your black spot (but u can use bb cream to do so)
  • the price IDR 129,000 (online) or US $ 12

  • Make ur skin look transparant
  • So light and natural look
  • The pearl effect doesnt seem so heavy on the cheek.
  • SPF 15