Kamis, 23 Januari 2014

[Review] LUCIDO L Vitamin Spray

I see it in TV commercial and when I visit lotte market the price is not that high.
So, I try to get one *commercialvictim*
I always interested with hair product, like make it smooth, shiny etc.

It has a pink color and the inside is plain liquid. Well I just use it for 1 week only, but I can tell I am not recommend this item.
let me share you my experience:
1. It has only light effect but no shiny, perhaps because it is a vitamin
2. They smell nice and make your hair fresher, even if you don't wash your hair everyday.
3. It makes your hair feel lighter, which is good but still can't make your hair look straight.
4. Look healthy? I can't tell in a week the effect its not so obvious since I have a normal hair and not too greasy or dry.

Its not fair to talk that LUCIDO - L from Mandom its not a good, Maybe I will try the other product.
I am interested to buy the Olive Oil. We'll see the effect, will it be as good as SKINFOOD Olive serum.


Rabu, 08 Januari 2014

[MEDAN TRIP] Budgeting expense

As I promised earlier, if you want to make a budget trip to Samosir Island, please see attached my expenses.
Remember this is not expense for 1 person, this is total for 5 person.
I went there with my Mom, Mother in Law, Husband, sister in law and my baby Zach, so actually there are six of us.
I don't know how you consider this 6 days travelling is expensive or not.
But, I think I had made an effort this should be cheap.
IDR 1,200,000,- per person include hotel and ticket. Isn't Fascinating!
So just hold on to Tiger Airways promo for kind of budget travelling!

Peek on my other story in this trip, click these link:

Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

Demam Cupcake

Jakarta, 2 Jan 2014 - Sekarang tuh di Jakarta lagi demam cupcake. Jadi ada yang aku bilang sih semacam Cupcake Moment seperti, Nyelametin temen yang hamil, melahirkan, baby shower, or bahkan minta maaf ke pasangan hidup or sekedar untuk farewell dan sebagainya.

Nah, aku ikutan demam dong, karena tidak merayakan Ultah, Natal, tahun baru atau hari raya lainnya, kali ini aku make moment kasih ucapan terima kasih buat mertua aku yang super baik. Jadi ceritanya aku pengen beli cupcake dan browsing2 akhirnya nemu deh contact ini: Dwi Hastomo- 081382518736. 

Sebenarnya rada sangsi karena ada takut juga kalau kuenya kurang enak, tapi ternyata in the contrary Cupcake-nya has a smooth taste and good to eat. Sebenarnya disaat yang sama aku order cupcake juga buat suami dari vendor yang lain tapi ga enak dimakan hehehe.. 

I love the taste I love their design, so will order again later for sure. Wait aku ciptain moment dulu deh ;)

Easy link to get in touch with them and see the design: hastomomo.