Sabtu, 20 Juni 2009

Sour Sally with their yogurt

At the beginning I am a yogurt haters. First, Edy told me to drink yogurt i think its s#*#k, then I read to read few article that mention that yogurt is a healthy choice. Well, I consume yakult, kind of weird but i try to drink it. At the mall some of the restaurant also provide yogurt as the dessert or beverage. I try to eat and drink whatever yogurt and become in love with it cause many variants of it, strawberry, blueberry etc. Myfav now is Cimory taste delicious and I drink it in the morning, sometimes I mix yogurt with oatmeal, corn flakes, raisin and fruits also for my breaksfast. I dont know what effect could bring but I like the taste of it. When I was at Plaza Semanggi while I wait for my friend I took a sit on and eat the yogurt, it taste really nice. Then I bought more for my friends.

Lastnite, I went to Mall Orchid ( read:taman anggrek mall). Via suggest us to have yogurt at SOUR SALLY. the place deseigned to make us feel like home but kinda bit narrow. I take a look at the Price WOW thats a pretty high Price for a Yogurt. We spend like 83 thousand rupiahs there! I eat plain with choco chips topping, then Via eat green tea with mochi topping, meanwhile darwin eat strawberry with kiwi topping. Well its taste more like yogurt compare then

Will I go here again? I say No. its too way expensive for a small yogurt. They have member card. But anyone know how much the price for the member card? Cause I see that its kinda have cool promotion..

But maybe I will go there again just to eat and show it to myfren..

Love yogurt but not that crazy to spend it in high price ;)
Well delicious is not always a Sin
but the healthy is always expensive ;D

Minggu, 14 Juni 2009

Bowling Competition = Pfizer WLB

Sempat menyesal krn dulu tidak bisa ikut seminar untuk introduction WLB ( Work Life Balance ) di kantorku krn harus ke kampus +_+ jadi cuma dapat selembarannya aja dan isi kuesioner.

Setelah di pikir-pikir I feel so comfy to work for Pfizer, soalnya this kind of need they really do pay attention. The pressure is only about work but the others like Employee relations and also working environment, they do really want to make people stay. Sometimes I have to stay late in the office not because they insist me to do so, but because the work load kinda high..but I enjoy it.

Last Friday, for example we had the bowling competition at Plaza Senayan start at 4 pm. Everybody seems very excited whether the player or just the supporter. Finally my team Marketing Primary care got the 3rd winner and Marketing Establish Product be the 1st Winner.

Not only this bowling competition. usually every Friday of the month we use to have a coffe break, from a specific education about the product, or as simply as how to decorate a cake, create a good pitcture with our camera. I am so glad to work in this kind of environment that allow me to have many friends, supporting mentor and all others that makes my life balance, between work and personal life..

Cheers for Pfizer ;)

Sabtu, 13 Juni 2009

Marriage life = Berat!

Today I just return from visiting my best friend meita..
She lives down there in Lippo karawaci, Islamic village..with her husband Chris and new baby born james..
They have house, a car and live a happy family..seem so Fun!
But then I asked about the money they spend for the wedding.. then continue to the house, a mortgage.. and the other bill like paying the babysitter, electricity, waterbill...kyaaa
jadi takut merit..
I mean marriage is not simply as i thought..
get married on the paper and ready for any kind of possibility..
Must we have a house? then a car? then a .... ( wondering when will i get married if it so )

I want a simply paper that I can use to claim that I am married already. Then no matter where I live I am gonna be happy with my romeo..
Why it caused me a deeply sad feeling for being very unprepared.. Hufff..
Tell me is that difficult? ;?

Selasa, 09 Juni 2009

Fashion Bliss

" Look out that girl" I said in my mind. Everyone is dressing oh so well. I still remember that my sense telling me to wear a kind of dress that makes me comfort. Television said, magazine said be trendy and follow me. Seems like all the model in the magazine telling us to be just like them?

As I recall whenever I come to the office and my friend said Im having a bad DRESS day.. ( I have a friend in my office that is so annoying ) S&%T I said. trust me It will ruin my day and my morning. My head is aching to hear the unnecessary comment. I know U do look good but stop talking to me in the morning and telling me how to dress. Gosh, can u just leave me alone? Let me be my self cause I am proud to be who I am, no matter U like it or not, just skip away if U don't like it then.

The paradigm is change? seems to be cause everybody is worry about what to wear like every single moment. Bein so F%$#^9 consume with all their doom.
Well dressing is nice things.. I cant deny that sometimes I want to look good too. But I dont and I never ruin someones day by telling them that they look bad just because they have their own style.

These world is so sick cause people are really consume with what other people think about them isnt a form of losing self confidence?? dunno. Well just call me later cause im fine with myself now. Never gonna pretend to be someone elses ;p

Minggu, 07 Juni 2009

Poker Face vs Hypocrate

Pertama kali denger lagu poker face dari Lady Gaga Poker face.. langsung terpikir permainan Poker.. kartu, las vegas dll
Semalam denger lagi lagu ini di blowfish, hem beatnya emg asyik..but what the meaning of it?
so I consider that maybe just like when we are playing poker.. when we
saw faces Happy people will know that we had a good card and when we saw a grin, we know that we have a bad face.. tapi dipikir2 setelah melihat ini jadi ingat bahwa kita juga bisa menggunakan wajah kita untuk menipu orang lain dengan tersenyum tapi sebenarnya kesal..
hemm jadi inget dengan orang yang not really in to us but they do smile and say its ok with us..
kalau begitu gw tipe orang yang tidak memiliki POKER FACE,,
krn begitu aku ga suka ma orang keliatan dari wajah and really cant hide it by having a poker face then.. and kalau aku bener2 happy juga keliatan dari raut muka ...
hemm wondering kapan ya can play the poker face..
poker face= fake, ada untungnya juga..
means im not faking it.. I say what i want to say and I do what I said..
but sometimes I really hate this part dimana gw ga bisa as nice as others..
Ya whatever as long as I am not a poker face..or someday I will learn how to have poker face where people cant read mine ^_^