Kamis, 24 April 2014

[talkoutlaugh] baby Zach teaching Daddy

Jakarta, 25 April 2014. Pagi ini baby Zach bikin kita (me n husband) laugh out of his conversation:

Mommie sedang dressing duduk di dressing table, lalu Daddy masuk ke kamar dan menuju kamar mandi.
Zach ditinggal di ruang tamu karena kupikir sibu main mobilan...
Tiba-tiba Zach masuk dengan nada tergesa dan terdengar urgent,.. Sambil jalan lompat-lompat dia mengadu ke mommie..

Zach: mommmiiiiieeeee, momiiieeeee
Momie: ada apa sayang?
Zach: Henpon Dadi.. di depan,.. (sambil terbata melangkah menuju kasur )
Momie mengikuti..
Zach : Henpon Dadi angan taro depan tau.. dicini aja.. (sambil meletakan hanpon di kasur kamar)..

Daddy yg udah di kamar mandi ga jadi mandi langsung keluar,.. memeluk Zach.. aduuuh maafin daddi ya taruh sembarangan Hp nya,..makasih ya...

Zach senyum - senyum,..

I am so proud of my 2 years old baby, please keep being nice and obey God,,.. I love you baby Zach..
Zach is very talkative..

Rabu, 16 April 2014

[FUNNYTALK]Zachary : Bosen Sikat gigi

Jakarta, 17 April 2014. Zachary was about to sleep, and asking me to go to the room.
I ask him to brush his teeth with Daddy and he start cry out loud, and even squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube till finish ( he and his daddy into a fight). Then I approach,..

Mommie : Zach kenapa nangis,..
Zach : ndak mau cikat gigi... momie.. hiks hiks..
Mommie : mau bobo kan?
Zach : mau tapi ga mau sikat gigi..
Mommie : hemm tuh liat Daddy jadi sedih kan? dia keluar ga mau temenan ma Zac lagi..
Zach : nda mauuuuuk.. *yelling*
Mommie : please Zach, kenapa ga mau cikat gigi
Zach : aku aku aku boceeeen momiiiii
Mommie : *ketawa ngakak dalam hati* (karena beneran ga tau dapat kata bosen dari siapa, krn selama ini ga pernah bilang bosen ke dia,) 
ouw gituu.. kalo sama momi bocen ga?
Zach : iyahh cama momie aja..

*yaelah dari tadi kek bilang* LOL...

new vocab : BOSEN !

Selasa, 15 April 2014

[FUNNYTALK] Baby Zachary talk out loud - maap daddy

Jakarta, 15 April 2014.

My 2 years old baby boy talk lots of funny conversation that always makes us smile.

Zach ngambek krn Daddy tidak mau ajak jalan keliling. Yesterday, my spasmofilia was occured, the pain so bad. I talk to my baby.
mom   : Zach, sayang  Daddy kan?
Zach   : Enggak, sayang momi aja.
Mom  : Loh, nanti yang gendong Zach siapa?
Zach   : Momi aja,
Mom  : Kan momi lagi sakit tanggannya ga bisa gendung Zach
Zach  berjalan ke arah daddy sambil berpikir. Daddy sedang dalam posisi meringis krn pasang tampang sedih tidak disayang Zach.
Zach  : Daddy, Zach mau maap.. plisss...
Dad   : HUgs my baby boy... 

Kamis, 10 April 2014

[REVIEW] Restaurant - PAULANER BRAHAUSE Kempinski

Jakarta, 20 March 2014

It was my wedding anniversary, the 4th. Being 4 years together in marriage life been so much fun, its not they were without problems, problems especially on financial sometimes bring us down but since we are not focusing on the problem but to the solution, then we are survive, still way long to go..

Where to pick this time, I went to PAULANER BRAHAUSE - Yum Yum! It located in Grand Indonesia, lt.2 (its actually in Kempinski Hotel). Enter via East Gate, then up to 3rd  floor, using elevator to went down to 2nd floor.

They re-opened on last November 2013. My last time visit was in 2012 hehehe been a very long time ago. So I kinda miss the platter and the salmon gril,. yumyum!
paulaner from Elevator
Paulaner Frontliner

I finally ordered Cesar Salad as opener, Paulaner Platter for 2, the original home made beer its really the best beer in town!!
Paulaner Salad IDR 59,000,-

Paulaner Platter - IDR 275,000,-
I forget the name but this IDR 65,000,-
Light Beer - IDR 83,000,-

The platter is huge and actually both of us can't finish it. In one plate they serve Poaches smoked pork chopped, 2 vienna sausages, meatloaf, 1 debrener sausage, 2 nuremberg sausages, and crispy cork knucle serve with sauerkraut and a very smooth tasty mashed potatoes!

I love all the taste, its just fit to my tounge! The Light beer definitely a rock star!

Come again, later in another occasion,..

Have you try it also? what do you think?

++ all prices subject to 21% tax & service tax

More info:
Grand Indonesia East Mall, level 2
Telp. 2358 3871

Selasa, 08 April 2014

[REVIEW] Restaurant HAN GANG Senayan City

Jakarta, 26 March 2011 - Han Gang Senayan City

If you really had a limited time, eat Bibimbap! Yeah, I was having a visit from Circuit Overseer who is a Korean couple. At Lunch she was accompanied by my Mom and They ate my spectacular Mom's cook. Since, I am not that spectacular, restaurant is the best I can do. I pick Han Gang, since they must know what to order. Kim Juon and Miran(wife) were happy and they knew what to order.

We arrive at 6 pm, I ordered without reading the menu: Mbak we're in hurry please bring me, dolsot yache bibimbap and Ojienggo Bibimbap. Meanwhile Miran ordered Kalbitang and Kim ordered the same menu as I am.

They served "banchan" in 2 minutes we gave our ordered. Then our menu delivered after 7 minutes, which is very quick I considered, its Hot hot hot.. but we manage to eat it in 10 minutes and finally We could leave the restaurant at 6:38 pm yayyy.. (we had meeting for piooner at 7 pm and arrived 15 minutes before it started).

We were in hurry so we didn't take any picture, but the picture from Han-gang.com might help.
Dolsot Bibimbap - IDR 58,000

Ojienggo Bibimbap - IDR 58,000

Galbitang - around IDR 79,000 - forget hehehe

What makes me happy?
1. The location is very near to my house
2. Surprisingly they taste as nice in Walter Monginsidi
3. Bibimbap rocks with Indonesian taste much better than the other restaurant serve bibimbap only in Senayan City also..
4. They gave me 15% discount as they were having anniversary at the moment yayy..

I love Korean Cuisine and will never regret to drop by again to taste some more ;) How about you fellas?

Hangang senayan city
LG Floor Unit L-09A telp. 021 7278 1231