Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

TERMINAL 21 - Bangkok

Instead of visiting mini Siam which is located in Pattaya, quite far from Bangkok City this time i decided to visit Terminal 21 Mall. I think its pretty reasonable since I traveled with Mom and Mother in Law who is having difficulty to walk around with feet under the heat of the sun which is lately become very evil.

Short of story, how to get there?
Since I stayed in Silom just under BTS ChongNonSi, I just took this BTS paid for 20 Baht, and went down at ASOK which is directly can take you inside the Mall.
What unique about this mall? this mall has a different interior design that is define each country their represent. What I mean here is the capital of the city? Nice to walk around and to grab some picture right. Let me show you the picture:

This is Istanbul Market


London Bus

London Castle guardian

Rding at San Fransisco

Japan Market

this is how they design the escalator, Quite unique right, notice it: ARRIVAL AT ISTANBUL

terminal 21 from the outside

toilet in Paris

Totaly I spent 2hours and grab some drink n snack inside the mall. Also, I bought accesories like earing, bracelet etc. The price is like mall usually, not really cheap compare other Bangkok market/mall, but what they can give is actually the ambience of sightseeing around the country and its inside the mall so not Hot at all like in "mini siam". My favorite city, of course, London which has numary many picture spot.
to find out the map click this link.

Worth to visit even youre not in the mood for shoppping.

Cherioo ;D


Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Experience Tiger Airways to Bangkok

My second visit to Bangkok, why? because of ticket promo from Tiger Airways.
last time I got ticket in tottaly IDR 2mio which I consider cheap, but with Tiger I got cheaper IDR 1,5mio. Actually since tiger bought Mandala Air from Indonesia, the price could have been cheaper during promo time. yesterday my friend got IDR 750,000 on departure and return for free. I mean IDR 0,- isnt amazing?? Just check their promo.

Last first visit, I visit Chatuchak market as you can see in my previous blog. I also visit Madamme TUssaud which I havent share here. I visit Siam Paragon Mall, Grand Palace and wat Arun. Thats all, since so lil time and so many things to do.

In my second visit of course I re-visit Chatuchak, who wouldnt go there twice? right?
A high fashion market with cheapy price! Then at night I visited Asiatique, patpong just for a glance sight,. I went to Damnoen Saduak floating market, and also Grand Palace area without entering, Wat Pho, Siam mall for lunch and the new Terminal One.

Will tell later about all of them!

My experience using tiger airways: the flight is OK, standar the same with Air Asia.
Tiger Airways very punctual, boarding time is very accordingly and flying time also on time.
I order food: lasagna which taste OK. the flight attendance rather old but its ok. The service is nice for the price and the luggage price is reasonable same as AirAsia.
yes I bring my mom, my sister in law and also my husband

my mother in law very happy to trip with my baby

Breastfeeding in plane make it easy ;)

Overall I have a good experience with tiger airlines so far, thats why i bought another ticket to Medan for October trip!

Hope they run smooth also.

HUG is Important

Do you know any research that HUG is very important?
Hugging is very relieving and can cure stress and also give a very comforting feeling.
That is why baby when they are afraid of someting they will look their mom and hug them.
Me personally, loves hug everyone that I care and that I love especially when they are in trouble. Giving a hug in the right time is much better than words.
 It can thrully show that you care personally to the person.
 During my worst time, I also looking for a hug and I found the best place after it, when I hug my man, my husband who is my best partner in life.
Love you dear, H'Anniversary 3 years.