Rabu, 03 April 2013

HANGOGA - Korean Restaurant at Kuningan City

During my wed anniversary, the 3rd one.. Yaaayyyyy We had dinner at HANGOGA - new korean restaurant on 2nd floor of Kuningan City Mall.
We are only get 7 items of Banchan because perhaps there only the two of us

I love Korean food, they are healthy and lots of vegetables. My first visit was with my husband, we order Daenjang Jigae (korean soup with variety of seafood) and I order Dolsot bibimbap (the vegetables and egg on top of rice with stone pot). They taste nice although a bit pricey here in Jakarta.
The Banchan is good, they really delivered a good taste.

Their tea taste like mineral water hahaha buts its free flow so its ok. The price range per menu (a la carte ) range are from IDR 64-259rb / person. They also have grilled dish, my favorite like Bulgogi ;D

The second visit I went there with my friend, our treat as my probation in the company is in good result.
My friend Nisa told me that it taste nice but a bit expensive than HANGANG (another korean restaurant in Senopati she said). We spent IDR 671,000 in total for the package 4 person. Not that bad ;D

its a celebration anyway!

So if you visit Kuningan City, there is not much to see but you can try to eat here ;D
Yayy our bulgogi is arrived at our table

We are asking someone to do the grill ;D Smokeless

They give 9 item of side dish or they called BANCHAN ;D
this restaurant is now closed ;(