Selasa, 05 Februari 2013

Bangkok : Chatuchak Market

What a fascinating market!
Yes, I run to this city on Friday Night, so first day in Bangkok we just rest at the hotel. Got up at 6 am in the morning, we took a shower and prepare my baby Zac for the trip - extra tshirt, wet tissued and diaper prepared.

The had escalator outside the BTS Station

i-residence hotel got it all in location. We didn't have breakfeast at the hotel because its not in the package that we bought. Just outside i-residence in front of Seven-Eleven they have food stall who sells breakfast, rice and vegetables and meat for only 30 bath!! (IDR 9,000) less than 1 dollar. So we bought that everyday except for the last day we had breakfast at the hotel for 200 baht/2 person-Yes so cheap.

At 8 am we took BTS Chong Nonsi paid for 20 baht and went down in Silom then change into MRT depart to Kamphaen Pet paid for 45 baht (its long trip). Finally we arrive in Chatuchak market around 9 am in the morning, there not much stall who is opened and people were still empty and yes we like it.

Just a step away the BTS

I bought Orange Juice(so fresh), and start our trip. There are so many thai massage offer also. We tasted the delicious Ketan Mango (try it for sure its 80 baht). Then we also ate Phat Thai very fresh, the shrimp was at their best in Bangkok! Durian? My husband ate is and told that is the best durian he taste. Thai tea, coconut ice cream we tasted all the food their selling. Yummi, really yummi all the food in Chatuchak weekend market.

Fresh Fruit delightfully my baby Zac loves!
Arriving at Chatuchak Market

Thai Tea all the time!

Stairs connect MRT to Chatuchak
Dont forget to have Pat Thai with Fresh Shrimp!

Inside the Chatuchal Alley

Chatuchak Underground, there is a mall in it

Durian for a very Cheapy Price

Enjoy Ketan Mango - sticky rice Mango

How long we spent in this market? ONE DAY, from 9 am till 4 pm (near closing time).
What did I bought: Cloths, tshirt, dress, a lots of wallet and rings, jewelry, shoes we bought a lot of things!

Visit Chatuchak weekend market only on Sat-Sunday, and you'll never regret!

Senin, 04 Februari 2013

Air Asia to Bangkok

My baby is still 4 months old when I deliberately had a trip to Bangkok.
The Air Asia ticket I book for 8 months ahead when my baby is not yet born.
Amazing Thailand is really have amazing transportation city, but we'll get to that later.
It was 7 month ago i took AirAsia flight to Bangkok, that is run smooth I can tell, so I wonder why people sometime doubt this economic flight.

the ticket price is only IDR 1,5 mio cheap right? (my advise is book earlier to get cheaper price) compare to other airline. Lucky me.
Well, the plane is not airasia X so the seat is not as comfy when my trip to Seoul, but it worth the price.

At that time they only have one flight from Jakarta at 16:30 and return time from Bangkok was late at 23:00 (or something).

Unlike Garuda, AirAsia is provide online check in that so easy, so we can get boarding pass, booking seat at any time convinien. please check below is my boarding pass:

We depart on time at 16:35 on Friday from Terminal 3 (this is great other than terminal 2 hahaha).
Arrive in Bangkok and have a safe flight at 8:45 if im not mistaken.

Having a baby is really hard for some people but I learn the easiest key to have comforty travel with baby. During on boarding I push my baby to wake up and joke around make him laugh and baby Zac pretty happy. When take off, I  am breastfeeding him, in that way he fell no pain in his ears and prevent him from crying during the flight.

Just check this picture, he sleep very nicely, just dont forgot to bring small pillow for him and blanket of course.
Sleep like a baby..
our pre book meal - chicken panini yummi
in terminal 3 waiting room with Anggi and Rio, my "sohib" friend

Please have no hesitate to travel with your baby, 4 hours flight feels fine. So Now baby Zac is 13 months old, and now I will bring him again to Bkk, just wait my story.


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