Sabtu, 25 Juli 2009


Dear Dee,

I am so happy that after almost 3 years away from visiting the place i grew up I finally come to Kertosono my Hometown.

I arrive in the afternoon, took becak to go to my uncle simply house. I spend the night at home with auntie and uncle also there is my Nephew that I never met before..

we chat then sleep early because I am exhausted about the travelling. In the morning I went to the traditional market in Kertosono, the city. I bought food, like Satay Keong.,,.hahaha'

then Shop a lil spice for my auntie and my mom in Jakarta, so we're finish at 10. I also got the chance to eat soto DOK for 13thousand rupiahs for 3 person. CHEAP!

we took the Becak, actually what makes expensive is the travelling in my village. it cost like a taxi but there is no taxi only a pedicap. Well I enjoy all the scenery cause I did biking with my nephew, Galang his name. I met my step sista also, then her daughter is fascinating, took me aroung the village we took a pic in the River, Kali Brantas, the longest river in East Java, or so that I've heard.

Going home back to Jakarta on MOnday, Its only 2nights and day been there, but I do really Enjoy the moment. I love all the neighboorhood and the friendly people who always remember about how cute I am when I was a child. My auntie cry a tear, I love her a lot.

Im gonna took another visit next year after my HunnyBee arriving in jakarta ^o~

Rabu, 15 Juli 2009


When I read the Synopsis of this movie in what I had in my thoughts just another fairy tale story.

The story begin like another adventurer story, a Dad who wants to protect his daughter from danger by hiding a secret and as easy we can guess most of the scene will happen in the movie next, like when the daddy left this girl alone at home while He try to save his wife, we all can guess that the bad guy will actually come and grab this girl, take her as a bait to trap his father.. and so on.

What I admire as usual, the Writer of this movie. The imagination that tells me how intellectual does actually work for them. This story about a book name INKHEART which is becoming the foundation of this movie is actually triggering me to watch. I mean how a person can actually write that kind of things create a character inside the actor. Create fiction with all the details that really amazed me. About the SILVERTOUNGE a reader that actually able to make all the things in the book come to real. The writer also involved. Thing about this: a writer who is writing this story is writing about a writer who is actually experience his own story. Hahaha confusing right, me too, but kinda a fun to just think about it.

Even though, this movie is so much easier to be guessed, like I knew from the beginning that this lil girl will inherit his dad ability to be a SILVERTOUNGE as a whole this movie is a good family story, with much education to absorb. Typically another tale but entertaining enough to be my MOVIE time list. Since, I watch movie every Thursday with my friends. A lil laugh actually, I love a lot more in the Hannah Montana than many funny scene. I satisfied enough and had no regret watching this movie.

Thanks to Anggi.
Place: PlaNet Hollywood cinema
Time: 5.05 pm