Senin, 19 Mei 2014

[REVIEW] Manhattan Fish Market - LOVE

Jakarta, 14th May 2014 - Manhattan Fish Market Restaurant - Lotte Shoping Avenue (LOVE).

I've been wondering to try this restaurant since my first sight in Central Park. I keep passing but not yet decide to try. Finally I got a chance ( a coupon of trying new branch in LOVE). The coupon is IDR 110,000,- for two main course: Citrus Baked Seafood and Fish and Chips.

Last Wednesday, the moment when the traffic is horrific in kuningan area, so I decided to fit the belly before continuing home. We didn't make order by phone but luckily the restaurant still accommodate us (its not crowd). The waitress say hi and serve us with book of Menu.  We picked Beverage since the main course is in the voucher.

  1. 1. Sunset by the Bay IDR 39k - its a earl gray tea with Peach flavor (i personaly dont like it because it taste like a lipstik ;) )

  2. Orange Juice IDR 25k - I find it very refreshing, because it taste original orange juice! finally
  3. Fried Mushroom IDR 32k - I love it, a bit salty but the sauce its too sweet, prefer the sour and creamy than this sweet, taste like mustard with honey.
  4. Manhattan Fish and Chips IDR 55k - Well, its eatable, I don't find its extra-ordinary but just OK. the fish is too soft, and not crispy. It served with fried potatoes which is Ok, but I love the sauce. 
  5. Citrus Baked Seafood IDR 89 - It taste awful, I hate this kind of seafood smell and taste really odd, my husband could eat it but it just doesn't fit my tongue.
So Jakarta Dinning this time is not finding me satisfaction. I am still curios on their pasta so I might visit again maybe in different mall to give a try. 

Here is the address:
Manhattan Fish Market 
Lotte Shopping Avenue, 4F (beside Lotteria)
Jl. Prof. Dr Satrio, Jaksel 12940