Rabu, 19 Maret 2014

[TalkOutlaugh] My Cute Conversation

Its been 4 weeks my baby come to sick and heal sick and heal.. I feel sad but in the other way I see him so strong and be brave to take all medicine..

Lucu nya dengan begini aku juga sadar kalau anakku sudah bisa minum obat dan dikasih pengertian meski usianya sekarang menginjak 2 tahun 2 bulan,..

Suatu pagi,

Momi : Zac, momi kerja dl ya.. Kamu jangan nakal ya
Zac : Iya, Daddy?
Momi : Daddy kerja juga..
Momi : Nanti jangan makan kerupuk, ciki, permen, puding dan es ya, kan lagi sakit batuk
Zac : iya momi, donut boleh?
Momi : Donut ga boleh kan digoreng,
Zac: teh manis boleh?
Momi : teh manis boleh kalo hangat ya..
Zac : Liat kelinci boleh ga?
Momi : #$@ &*^ ... boooleh sih (sambil bingung ini kan bukan makanan hahaha)

Anak kecil tuh kalau ingin tahu kadang suka g nyambung, tapi justru jadi lucu..

I love baby Zachary

Selasa, 11 Maret 2014


Bogor, 18 February 2014.

Aston Bogor is a new hotel in Bogor, at least its newer than Novotel. We had a meeting here, and the price was quite compatible. Not too expensive but not to low as well, since we got corporate rate.
My first impression about this hotel, parking area was a bit to dry, not so many trees. What impressive is that the hotel located between River, that when you across the bridge to room location you will feel calm seeing and hearing the river flow. I love it. The room well maintained, the service was so so, We need to wait so long to get a check in even though we had book 16 room in advance and they know when we would arrive. 

The room is quite spacious and comfy, the coach etc its similar to apartment unit, maybe that's why they call this resort.They have pleasant pool and the gym was also nice, the massage not too pricey and the location of the hotel is far from everywhere, but no worry there is restaurant nearby the hotel.

There is no impression for the meals and the restaurant for my 2days staying here, but since the price is affordable, I wasn't expecting much either.

Please find below this recent picture that might help you to decide to use the hotel. 

This hotel is recommended to Family who want to spend their leisure time.

the kitchen area when entering the room, they had safety box, fridge and water cooker.

The living room, head to the balcony is pretty spacious

The DOUBLE Bed Room

The Twin Room - sorry my bag is already there/

The toilet is clean and doensnt have bad smell

they closet is in the normal size

The balcony 

the breakfast area

my breakfast, the bacon was too salty..and the omelette has no taste