Selasa, 27 Agustus 2013

A Man Who Cook

Did I mentioned earlier that now im working for another company? Yup it is still pharmacy hiks..
but now im working in finance division, a whole new experience compare from Marketing Business Unit.

Well my company held a cooking competition as D&I Program. Its nice. the thing is no woman can join the cooking so only man can cook and woman only directing. Hahaha quite hilarious!
My team won the 2nd place. It is because another game such us: whispering game, dance and exercise, Yell-Yell, and also chopping onions.

My team cooked Sour Spicy Salty Fried Chicken, it cooked by Eduan my friend and the rest of sales team.
I try at home and it taste very nice also.
nice Job Nvs!!

Girl who pose but not cooking

Senin, 19 Agustus 2013

Experiencing Hummingbird Eatery : BAD

Kuningan City, 16 August 2013.
Its just an ordinary Friday where me and my friend use to try lunch out of office.
It is still in our building, so we found Hummingbird for the so many times we eat here.
I can't say they are amazing, they just serve a so so meal in a very authentic restaurant design/layouts.

Local Burger Steak - IDR 59,500
We are 8 people and we come very early just to get seat and also get first service from them. Well they are not okaaaaaaaaaaay!!

My friends order who came very last, the order come at first. Then when I have finished my meal, there are 3 of our friends who ordered Pasta is not yet coming, and its take like 45 minutes!! I mean whaaat? 
As a good restaurant they shouldn't let one table eat in a very long different time and when we complain they just say sorry and went out strike away!! I say whaaat??

What I really dont like also, the person who is table next to us, who just arrive, they all eat the meals in 15 minutes earlier than us??? I said Whaat?? they just seat and they got their meal?? 
I mean how about the kitchen order? Can you read the order well? who is come first should be first served right?

I ordered coke and they wait until 4 times I asked and I almost finished my meal for the coke to come!
hate it, the service is not really good.

Local burger steak that I ordered taste ok, with mushroom sauce and vegetables. Its big portion for me too. 

Yes the restaurant with wood layout is very inviting and welcoming. Give a warm feeling, I just wish that the service is as good as the layouts. 

Please treat the customer better!

Here is the location.

Hummingbird EateryKuningan City UG-55
Jl Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav.18
Setiabudi, Kuningan