Rabu, 19 Agustus 2015

Sushi Tei LOVE

LOVE is stand for Lotte Shopping Avenue - Ciputra World Kuningan Jakarta.
Lately i love visiting this venue for variety of food stall in the foodcourt and also they have big restaurants so you never have to worry that you'll miss a seat.

This dinner with my hubby, we pick Sushi Tei because he just love sushi. We are not happen to eat all Sushi there but just try different plate. We didnt get the seat in the sushi bar, guess some people ahead us already.. well.. its ok we just can make an order and pick from the menu.

We start by choosing Fried Salmon Skin (38), Owari Set (90). baked salmon maki(22). and Spicy Crispy Roll (38). There were just the two of us so we didnt drive ourself crazy by ordering so many menu. The drinks, we ordered Ocha cold (free flow ) and Lemongrass tea(20).

What I like:
They serve fast
Their sushi is just the best in town
Their sushi came with lots of variety

Will I come again? Well I've been here a lot, so of course I will.

Munch Hello!