Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

LIVE ART MUSEUM: Trick Art Museum Jakarta

Last Monday, 17 Dec 2012 I took my annual leave together with my sister and hubby and baby Zac of course!

Where to? Trick Art Museum Jakarta, are you sure is not in Japan or Seoul? Yes! Yes! Yes!
I missed this spot when i visited Seoul last time, yet the place was so attractive! In Seoul they are located in HongDae-youth environment spot in Seoul which i missed to visit.

Korean tourism was booming in Jakarta perhaps that is why this Museum brought to Jakarta. Even though it will only one year, from Nov 2012 till Oct 2013 but still its amazing!

So if you are in Jakarta in those date, have a visit in PASARAYA GRANDE BLOK M, 7th floor and pay only IDR 70,000 or US $ 8 perperson and get a discount voucher from lotte mart. (i use a discount from lotte mart thats why it only cost me IDR 60,000).
Ini contoh ticketnya dari lejel ;D

I just want to share the picture with you all and see how interesting to take a picture with famous painting in 2 D! Enjoy!

Mirror Effect I love it

Space effect - Giant!

stairs effect: Brilliant

Jika informasi ini membantu, please info yah ;) give comment!

My Breakfast Item: SANDWHICH

I am trying hard to find the positive think about working in AXA Tower, aside from the famous bad traffic so that I wont sorry for I had left GKBI Luxury building.. +___+ Burst in tears!

Yup, here to tell you find one! I love American Breakfast, usually i have it in Daily Bread, they're sandwhich are great (in BRI II Building next to GKBI). Now, I can find my Cheap american breakfast even cheaper than Daily Bread(cost me IDR 30,000/items).

Dunkin Donuts has launched affordable breakfast item which they serve from 6 am till 10 am, you can pick your own bun (bread/croisant) and your meat and plus you can have whether Coffee or Tea? Isnt it great? and its all for IDR 14,900 plus i still can use my discount card ;) *lucky lucky me

Where to find? Just go to Mall Ambassador, in the main lobbi you will find dunkin donuts on the right side.

Worth to try!

Great Now I have two positive think: American breakfast and also Shop all you need in mall ambassador. ;)


Kamis, 20 Desember 2012


The most crucial problem for me now is: my office in AXA tower which is located next to Ambassador Mall which is Shopping heaven for girls or woman. Yet, everytime I am thinking be needing something, yes it was there, they always have what we need, except for love and affection. lol.

Yesterday I've been thinking of having new tanktop and yes its coming true. I got this in ambassador mall for IDR 77,000. the name of the store is FOR HER, location is near the lobby beside Century drugstore. Pretty pricy for a tanktop but the fabrique is very comfort to wear, so worth the price.

Why black color: coz it fit with any other color.

Arrggghhh Shopping again, tell me to stop. Its working day thou ;(

Should I move from my work?

Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

Mulia Hotel Senayan Jakarta Review

 It is not the fancy hotel as i always imagine.. well its been years right?
It is the most luxurious hotel in Jakarta, some people called. I was having a luck by staying in this place for free, the published rate is pretty expensive USD 235 or more? Anyhow its a bit old now. if only they change the furniture. ;) I was taking the Splendor Room.
The BREAKFAST is also not as yummi as when i was staying in Patra hotel Bali ;( the option is not that much. The powder room or toilet was luxury and great. Me and baby Zac love to spend more time to be in the bathtube. 
The SERVICE is great, but remember do not use sandals as sandals is not allowed to be in this hotel.
The LOCATION is great, near Senayan City mall and Plaza Senayan, the center of luxury mall in Jakarta include pacific place also. So  for spending time with family this coould have been an option ;D
See Zac and Daddy was all excited about the bed room.

This is the cheapest room, and its pretty comforting for they have mini living room here next to bed.
It is also have a study table with fancy mirror in it. Luxury right?

this is the look when we want out from the room. this is the TV cabinet.
Hahaha the TV is a bit odd style, I mean its not even LCD right?

My favorite part of the room is the bathtube, its a big one.

My baby spend time in the very wide pool, which is match with the hotel.
Conclution: I will never want to pay for this hotel, expensive and the place is not as luxury as I imagine ;p (plus i left my iphone charger there hiks... poor me)

Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream review

It is finally arrived!!
I bought again BB cream, the left one is Missha M perfect cover but its not mine. I usually use Missha but now I finally use BRTC. Its pricy thou, but I always dream to use it. Last time I bought the sample and feel so good using the sample.

I will use it and give a comment after next week.

If you are wonder what it BRTC please check below:

What is BRTC?

BRTC is abbreviation for Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetic and is a cosmeceutical brand to optimize the efficiency of skincare with natural botanical ingredients. The brand is launched in over 9 countries and for the first time introduced to the U.S. It is featured in more than 30 fashion /beauty magazines and millions of products are shipped every year. There are 5 different patents that compose of natural ingredients used in many BRTC products. Unlike today's skincare ladened with many chemicals, BRTC ingredients are sought from highly specialized unique plants/seeds/nuts and extracts.

You can get more information in www.brtcstore.com

Well so far I am satisfied:
* It has nice textur, not too greasy and not too fluid, not too thick
* it gaves me SPF 30 which is good, im not a person who work under the sun anyway so its fine with me
* the smells of jasmine not too strong which I like but still fresh
* My face look fresh and bright instantly but still natural
* trusted ingredients as a remedy for the skin
* worth the price, since what they promise is proven clinically to myself (less wrinkle on eye area)

I just found out that this BB cream is actually for DRY skin type, well i am an normal-oily skin type.
But when I use it (i have bought this so no other way but to use it) it feels light. Not too heavy on my make up, and adaptable if you want to wear them without make up. I will finish the tube before I bought for oily skin. This is keep my skin smooth. Just love it and worth the price.

Kamis, 22 November 2012

Baby Zac - teeth

My baby Zac is now 10 months.
He has 6 teeth already since he was 7 month.
He Moved around and sound so funny everytime.
I have his hair cut twice already, the things is he never complain or do anything annoying during his haircut. He just stay still like an adorable kid.
When I got back from the office i just stare at his funny act and I laugh out loud.
Mommy n Daddy really love you Zac.
I dont know why I'm very blessed.
watch my teeth ;)

Minggu, 11 November 2012

i residence SILOM hotel review - Bangkok

Bangkok - 25 May 2012; hotel Review on budget Hotel i residence hotel.
My first trip to Bangkok with my 4 months old baby n my beloved husband and friends. Rio who is normally visits Bangkok every 2 month and claim that Bangkok is his hometown which is not because he is litteraly Indonesian, reccomended this hotel for us (what can I say he just in love with Bangkok and now that I visit Bangkok I understand why).
My first impression when visit this hotel is the location! its just a step away from BTS ChongNonSi which is incredible. One minutes from the train station where we can just reach everywhere near. The location is not that loud, quite actually but behind the hotel they have Trinity mall which I miss to visit. They have Seven Eleven and many cheap resto nearby if you want to grab cheap dinner and even McDonald.
The lobby is small and so purple, rather dark and modern. the LIFT is Broken to the second floor but our room is in the second floor.. Hiks.. so sad. Inside the room? BIG and Huge for the price, 24 meter so not bad. Weird that the King Bed is actually twin bed combined into one. The people here is very helpful, when my AirConditioner Broke they try to fix it at 2 am but finally they move our room to another room.
Great experience for Budget Hotel (THB 1400/night) quite cheap. I have book again through booking.com for my next visit to Bangkok with my family next year on 2013. (www.booking.com)
Please check out my photo using iphone ;)


the toilet is clean enough for me ;)

Kamis, 08 November 2012

[REVIEW] SKIN 79: Pearl Pact Hologram

Hi Galz,
This is actually my last shopping online which was just 3 weeks ago (despite I had plan already to get a new BB cream from my favorite online store: www.chic-princessa.com).
I bought several item, but this time I want to put a comment on this pearl pact. I was actually looking for a pact because I personally think that pact is lighter than two way cake (if you know what I mean, that they sometimes too greasy). So I falling in love to this Hologram pearl pact from SKIN 79 -one of korean cosmetic leader in South Korea.

Luv it, even when I opened the case: they have the acrylic separator, so that it separate the puff from the powder yaaay.. so luv it. It came with a very soft powder puff.

When you apply on your check you will be surprised since the pact powder is actually glittery and OoOo I was just like,, what?? is this a party powder??? but then again when I apply it, its not too heavy in my face and make my face glam ;) so shiny love it like a much but its not extra sparkling.
Personally, i love the hologram effect it makes my face become less dull (not that I have a very dull face.. but you know so lack of confidence lately since this month I am 29 Huaaa.. +__+ burst in tears..).

  • The glitter effect might perfect for party make up
  • Its not covering your black spot (but u can use bb cream to do so)
  • the price IDR 129,000 (online) or US $ 12

  • Make ur skin look transparant
  • So light and natural look
  • The pearl effect doesnt seem so heavy on the cheek.
  • SPF 15


Minggu, 28 Oktober 2012

Prince Waffle Wafflelicious

I love waffle as an english breakfast.
Well correct, im not in England and I live in Indonesia where rice with coconut sesame is the main breakfast menu. I love waffle, so here in Jakarta, there are few places who has waffle in their restaurant menu.

When i moved to AXA tower, i work in 25 floor, now i often spend my time buy snacks or anything to refresh my mind during working hour. Usually I bought Chatime - tea shop, starbuck etc. Now, my favorite is prince waffle, at the first time i only bought one, the GRANDE they call it, i bought choco chips, and no i bought everyday home. I love the ice cream waffle, they named it: FREEZE, the saus its so yuumii and melting. I am once tried the cheese sauce, then tiramisu, and yesterday the cappucino and also matcha.

they are not really expensive if you compare to Auntie's Anne which start become very rare in Jakarta. the price range is IDR 7000 - 15000, so u dont have to dig in deep ur pocket to get one.
Just try it, its really worth a dessert!

this pic taken from www.princewaffle.com

Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

Chatime Favorite Bubble

Chatime is now in Indonesia.
I am a bubble tea drink fans. Chatime provide a brewed tea, which is more healthy than instant drink.
Also the specialty, is they made it by your order: lil sugar? more cream? half sugar? etc.
Though in Indonesia the price is about overprice, but still buy it once in a week wont kill you.
I love bubble tea drink, pearl milk tea or matcha smoothie would be my favorites.
The price rate start from 18.000 to 24.000 or about more or less $ 2.
Well, pricy? Yeah but life needs to be enjoy for a while.
As far as I know they had method of stamp collection, so once u bought one drink u got one stamps and when you can collect 10 you get a free drink. Yayyy..
So they are now available in Semanggi, Central park and of course in my office Kuningan City.
Love it.

Kamis, 27 September 2012

Help: My baby refuse to drink with bottle

My baby today is 9 Months.
The problem is since the long holiday, 12 days i stayed at home during Lebaran holiday, I tend to do the breasfeeding more often and use less bottle. My baby prefer to have breastfeeding then do it with nipple bottle. Even my breatsfeeding milk (asi) is placed in the bottle he refuse to consume it.

Things is easier when he was before 7 months, He start taking bottle since 2 weeks and now He dont want to do it anymore.

Now, my mom who is taking care my baby while im working feed my baby with spoon which is i consider not the best way since it spill out moreoften. Another way is using a training cup, he refuse at first but now he like it.. only in a few weeks, now he refuse again.

I am so much worry because he consume a very little milk, but he eats like 3 times a day. Have you ever experienced the same thing and able to solve the problem? My baby is 9 months now, so its pretty hard to feed him with rubber nipple cause he can taste its not a breastmilk. it easier when he is only 3 months cause he still cant figure out what it is..
this is Zac..

Share please..

Kamis, 20 September 2012

Finally arrived: My online Shopping ;)

Hey, it has arrived:

What I love to shop in this online shopping is that the delivery was just that good. I mean the packaging, they always make sure it wont break up during the way to my hand.

I told you previously I did the online shoping, and here they come..

just wait for my review:
Only the nail color etude and the Skin 79 hologram pact is mine. The BB cream belong to my friend. Also the body shop I bought it last night in Kuningan City.


Kuningan City experience - review

Yesterday went so nice to me. I like the sudden holiday because of the election that gave me a day off.

I planned to go out with my family, mama n mami (both of my moms) to the Kuningan City mall and enjoy the day. The planned was about to cancel when i found out that my baby is having a fever again, that I will tell later in another post cause i was so upset for CEFAT product. I will tell immediately to sanbe farma product safety.

Anyhow my baby is getting better at noon so my plan is on. I called to Silverbird and book Vellfire car so that could accomodate all my family members: Me, Mom, Mami, Ci leny, Gita. Karen me and Zach. yahoo its a bit expensive but we like to be in this car. It cost me 90rb from my home in Slipi to Kuningan City in Casablanca, well its traffic thou,, nice experience ;)

After that, we went to Lotter mart.. so great visit this place since I am a korean lover and they had all korean snacks and beverage. The shoping coridor is wide and what I loved is that the shoping cart they had a soft and cozy for my baby ;)

We finally stop shopping coz baby Z is having stomach problem yupp in the sudden time. He's happy thou already find and grab a toy to buy. I think zac love lotte mart since they had so many toys. Anyhow we strive continue to have meals in Oriental Kitchen in 3rd floor.

Oriental kitchen provide great taste meals, many kinds of shanghai lamians and noodle, the fried rice is amazing, and the dimsum is very worth to price! I guess another time i can have dimsum party here. I pay for only IDR 326.000 for whole family and we had share chinese tea, per tea- free flow we share for two. Isnt crazy? yeah the price is not so expensive.
im in the pink dress

After that, my family went home and I continue to have a time with my hubby alone. We went to Ace hardware in secon floor, and i looooooove ACE Hardware its like my own paradise.. hahaha to much. I grab room fragranse which im not regret to buy it. I also visit the body shop and grab something, take a chatime, grass jelly milk and went to the cinema. I dont like the Cinema, its Thursday and they cost me IDR 35,000 /each! thats crazy
my Mother in law and my mom in front ;p so happy

Overal Kuningan City mall is quite small, quite but offer lots of entertaint. Not all the store has opened yet, but at least they had my favorite things: ACE hardware, Bodyshop, Chatime & Calais, the restorant, starbuck, outback steak and ALDO shoes shop. Worth to visit if its not about the traffic.


Rabu, 19 September 2012

Online Shopping

Damn I am so busy now, i event havent got time yet to do online shoping!
But finally, yesterday I drop to www.chic-princessa.com which is my favorite onlinestore.
I bought a pact powder: SKIN 79: VIP Hologram Pact.

this is the appearance, cant wait for my items will arrived:

 Dont worry im not only bought that, I also buy a new nail color since mine was in former offices never return back to me after people borrow it from me.. Sadly thinking..
but I am happy since it will only give me another reason to shop and buy another nail color.. Yaay

I pick this: Look at my shine nails, I guess it from Skin food, i tell u later when the items arrived:


Kamis, 06 September 2012


This problem was never end,
Each time i wear a shawl or a necklace i will have migrain.
Necklace here is necklage with weight heavier than gold necklace, like the one with weight more than 5 gram.

Grrhhhh i wish i can be beauty by wearing such a beautiful necklace.


Sweet Escape - YOGYAKARTA 2007

Yayy i remeber this was my first self travelling time. My boy fren was in the US so i travel by my own.

Well the most interesthing about Yogya is that I can meet lots of bule there and sure I could manage to practice my English. I met Philip from Poland. He was a world budget traveler and so far he went to 65 countries alread only with one bag pack, camera and also labtop to save everything.

I was interested to tell about him rather than Yogya, cause you are gonna see my other post about Yogya city, overall Yogya is the most friendly city i've ever been. I've been there twice and plan to visti again of course.

My trip purpose was to meet my friend who has a wedding in Yogyakarta plaza hotel, which i took a taxi from Marlboro and it cost me really cheap $ 2! I met Filip on my wat to Borobudur the famous ancient trade mark of Yogyakarta that is actually not located in Yogya. that time i took a bus, paid $1 and continue with andong $ 1, well fair enough since it was a tourist area. I enjoy talking to Filip, you can check his interesting travelling story in www.filipontheroad.com

Easy link:

Selasa, 04 September 2012

Finally Zac visit Alvin


You guys, should visit his site. Alvin is a young incredible photographer from Yogyakarta, one of the most beautiful city in Indonesia, located in middle Java.

I know Alvin from 2009 when he was 19, and I consider him as a briliant because he tend to set my picture become very "warm". It need a technique and talent to be very nice at this hoby. This hoby has bring him into young succes and talented businessman in 2011. Congrats to Him.

Enough about alvin, this time about Zach my baby boy. I took her to Yogya last month during lebaran holiday, I mean before lebaran and met Alvin. Alvin found no difficulties in taking my baby picture since my baby is very happy and cheerful baby. Aside from the carpet is very dusty and make him uncomfort but Zach keep his big smile and cheerfulness. I am so proud of my baby boy. Now he is 8 months old and I cant stop staring at him, and amaze.. thank Jah for giving me such a beautiful gift in my life beside my loving husband.