Kamis, 08 November 2012

[REVIEW] SKIN 79: Pearl Pact Hologram

Hi Galz,
This is actually my last shopping online which was just 3 weeks ago (despite I had plan already to get a new BB cream from my favorite online store: www.chic-princessa.com).
I bought several item, but this time I want to put a comment on this pearl pact. I was actually looking for a pact because I personally think that pact is lighter than two way cake (if you know what I mean, that they sometimes too greasy). So I falling in love to this Hologram pearl pact from SKIN 79 -one of korean cosmetic leader in South Korea.

Luv it, even when I opened the case: they have the acrylic separator, so that it separate the puff from the powder yaaay.. so luv it. It came with a very soft powder puff.

When you apply on your check you will be surprised since the pact powder is actually glittery and OoOo I was just like,, what?? is this a party powder??? but then again when I apply it, its not too heavy in my face and make my face glam ;) so shiny love it like a much but its not extra sparkling.
Personally, i love the hologram effect it makes my face become less dull (not that I have a very dull face.. but you know so lack of confidence lately since this month I am 29 Huaaa.. +__+ burst in tears..).

  • The glitter effect might perfect for party make up
  • Its not covering your black spot (but u can use bb cream to do so)
  • the price IDR 129,000 (online) or US $ 12

  • Make ur skin look transparant
  • So light and natural look
  • The pearl effect doesnt seem so heavy on the cheek.
  • SPF 15


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