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Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 review

Today im gonna write about another BB cream.

As my previous explanation about BB cream, it's a kind of Foundation that do with "level up" function to our face.
This time, I picked Missha Brand, my number 2 favorite brand after BRTC.

My BB cream 35gr
Missha 20gr

Missha has many options of BB cream that honestly I haven't give a try the other but this was my third time using this BB cream.

What I like?

  • It texture smooth, non sticky and combine very well with my brown skin (im Indonesian)
  • SPF 42 ++ give very high protection especially when I would like to go out office for lunch time
  • The have healling function: reducing wrinkle and yes after using it for 1 week I can see the Spruten and wrinkle around my eyes is decreasing.
  • The Brand itself is better than another new product from Korean which famous for the cosmetic rather than Skin Care= MISSHA
  • Very well doing the Skin Cover (I have large pore and Missha cover it well)
  • It has effect like you're wearing compact powder (when I use BB cream I never wear/use addition in my face such us powder or compact, because bb cream do it all)
  • Long last effect, I don't do reapply until 5 pm, consider it well absorb of oil in my face.
  • The price of course medium for 20gr you can get around IDR 100,000 by online store, and for 35gr you can get around IDR 190,000,- I don't think they have the store yet in Jakarta (but please let me know if they do have)
So in an instant I would say I recommend this item better than Skinfood brand, but if you
d like smooth skin shinny effect like in Korean Drama girl, I recommend BRTC Brand.
and this is my face result:
After using BB cream Missha-taken with iPhone

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