Selasa, 27 Agustus 2013

A Man Who Cook

Did I mentioned earlier that now im working for another company? Yup it is still pharmacy hiks..
but now im working in finance division, a whole new experience compare from Marketing Business Unit.

Well my company held a cooking competition as D&I Program. Its nice. the thing is no woman can join the cooking so only man can cook and woman only directing. Hahaha quite hilarious!
My team won the 2nd place. It is because another game such us: whispering game, dance and exercise, Yell-Yell, and also chopping onions.

My team cooked Sour Spicy Salty Fried Chicken, it cooked by Eduan my friend and the rest of sales team.
I try at home and it taste very nice also.
nice Job Nvs!!

Girl who pose but not cooking

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