Senin, 11 Agustus 2014

LATTICE CAFE - Egg Benedict style for breakfast

It is obvious I love breakfast menu. Sometimes the reason for me staying in a hotel is because their breakfast options.

I would like to tell my late lunch in Lattice cafe. Its a small cafe in Deutsche Bank Office (my husband office). Lattice sell options of pasta with pretty high price. I really think the price they offer is a bit expensive compare to their cafe condition which is not big or fancy like Starbucks, Coffe bean etc.

This chance I picked their EGG BENEDICT. Yes, it is again a Breakfast menu :).  My colleague at work tell me that Egg benedict with hollandaise sauce was awesome. The way she told me makes me curious then I try this.

My opinion is their sauce is bad. I dont really grip in my tongue that they had great taste. Their pasta is good but this egg benedict taste so so and over price :). If then next time I found in another restaurant and I still don't like it, maybe my taste just doesn't fit in with this breakfast menu.

Lattice Cafe:
Deutsche Bank Building
Jl Imam Bonjol no.80
Jakarta Pusat 10310

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    1. Iyaah ak pgn nyoba egg benedict tempat lain sih, kyknya enak nih, tp yg jelas bukan di café ini