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SKINFOOD HAIR CARE - Olive Serum review

Jakarta, 02 Aug 2012

Yesterday, I just bought this:
Skin Food Extra Virgin Olive Essence

I really do hope that it can help me to maintain my hair condition, and make it more shiny than it looks.
I also hope my hair is more manageable and smooth.. I have lost of wishful thinking.. 
Lets just wait another month the effect of this product.

Cost IDR 89,000 in Online shop, but if you bought in retail it can cost you around IDR 240,000 or more.

Well, After second buy of this product, I feel very OK.
The texture its a bit sticky and I guess its normal because it is olive oil anyway.
How to use? Personally I just use them the way I want them, I press a small amount in my hand then rub it into the tip of my hair. My hair is fat with hair drier and straightening almost everyday but this serum keep it from damage. My hair still shine and looks healthy.

Dont worry although its sticky when being pour into our hand, its not left any sticky feeling in our hand after we apply in our hair.

So this is a very recommended product, just too bad SKINFOOD dont have any explanation on its.

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