Selasa, 04 September 2012

Finally Zac visit Alvin

You guys, should visit his site. Alvin is a young incredible photographer from Yogyakarta, one of the most beautiful city in Indonesia, located in middle Java.

I know Alvin from 2009 when he was 19, and I consider him as a briliant because he tend to set my picture become very "warm". It need a technique and talent to be very nice at this hoby. This hoby has bring him into young succes and talented businessman in 2011. Congrats to Him.

Enough about alvin, this time about Zach my baby boy. I took her to Yogya last month during lebaran holiday, I mean before lebaran and met Alvin. Alvin found no difficulties in taking my baby picture since my baby is very happy and cheerful baby. Aside from the carpet is very dusty and make him uncomfort but Zach keep his big smile and cheerfulness. I am so proud of my baby boy. Now he is 8 months old and I cant stop staring at him, and amaze.. thank Jah for giving me such a beautiful gift in my life beside my loving husband.


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