Jumat, 05 Juli 2013

Online Shop: BERRY BENKA

This is my first time shop in Berry Benka - Jakarta fashion online shop. You can read more the information in this website: http://berrybenka.com/
My Chest size is 100cm so a bit difficult to find online shop that provide the details about their product precisely and  I can say I am very excited about this online shop.
They have many brands, house brand that has a good quality materials/cotton etc.
I choose KIVEE brand at this time, and of course I am a breastfeeding mom, an front button would be very important for me. This Rayon material I bought was very comfy, i almost can't believe to touch them so soft and cool.
They dont smell bad also.
Sorry in the picture was too bad, because I took it with iphone 3G 2MP camera and its at night too.
My order deliver just a day after I paid, I paid at noon then tommorow morning I have received the item. its super fast!!
overal, BerryBenka was a very reccomended store!
The Packaging was very neat

they flip it very nice

The look inside my closet ;)

I think I look Ok in it ;)

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