Rabu, 31 Juli 2013

Experiencing EXCELSO Cafe Kuningan City

When Coffe is your lifestyle.. is the logo of this cafe

Well unfortunately I would not give a comment about the coffe itself since that noon we visited this place for a quick lunch.. *dissapointedsmile*

That Noon, three of us felt hungry and ran for late lunch to Kuningan City mall. In order to avoid the crowd of restaurant we picked a cafe to grab little lunch *well when you see the menu is not so small after all.

What menu do we choose:
1. TACO BEEF as starter, the price is average, but i love the cheese taste, but not too crunchy. 6.5/10
2. MAIN COURSE: CARBONARA Fettucini, price average: IDR 45mio. the taste 7.5/10 and I also ordered Excelso Club Sandwhich, and I forgot to take a picture of it *punchontheface*

 3. DRINK: Strawberry Yogurt Smoothies and Berry Summer smoothies for free :) i really like the beverage i choose its not too sour as berry summer, so i picked Strawberry Yogurt Smoothies as favorite. 7.5/10
Strawberry Yogurt Smooties

Berry's Summer

Overall its just an ordinary type of menu which im pretty sure other cafe would have those menu, but worth to visit. The price range is between 30-100k, so its not that much. Pretty reasonable price for the mall cafe.

It is placed on the upper ground no.42 of Kuningan City,
 here is the phone to make reservation: 021 - 3048 0840

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