Rabu, 04 September 2013

BANGKOK RECAP: What to do in Bangkok?

Hi There,
Bangkok is never been a bad city to visit.
Even though I visit the place just twice, but I could already comment that its a Hilarious Place to visit.
It is the best city to visit for money so far.
The meals, transportation, market, ticket and accommodation is the best in Asia, i have to quote: "in price".
The people also friendly, i love them, they are helpful and nice, instead of being rude they love to help.
The city not as clean as Seoul or Singapore, but its clean enough compare to Jakarta.

Here is the list I did and you might try as well when you visit Bangkok, Just click this link to connect you to another review of the place and please comment, thanks!

Flight you can consider:

Hotel we recommend:

Place to visit:

I will update with another place or thing to do if I go to Bangkok again, 


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