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Madame Tussauds Bangkok : Cool Enough

Super Cool Spiderman

Continuing about things you can do in Bangkok, I want to tell my experience visiting Bangkok in 2011 and this time I would like to mention Madame Tussaud.

To get a ticket you can click this link, but its actually what you can do is you can just visit the place and I did and I got the cheapest ticket because they had the promo in front of the Mall Entry. (i am lucky not to get from the internet, but I don't know if the promo would end).

I got THB 280 at that time/person ;) lucky me

Where is the location?
From my hotel, I went to Siam Paragon Mall, and the Siam Discovery Mall in the 6th level, just entry from the fountain? at the front door of the mall.
Want to know how to get there you can click this link. Map.

I went there with my husband and my baby Zac who is still 4 months old ;D
mommy love travelling poor baby Zach ;D (kesiannya babyku yg harus ikuting emaknya jalan2 terus)
Madame Tussauds museum in Bangkok is very narrow. I dont know in Hongkong, but in here, they only few of Hollywood star and maybe im not informed few of them I dont know, lets just check the picture.

This is where we get the ticket - mall, with Britney Spears

We get the ticket with Naomi Campbel

David Becham

my dream was to be in OPRAH Show

Brad Pitt

Michele Yeoh


Bruce Willis and his wife and kids

Look its Madame Tussaud

Will SMith!

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