Senin, 16 Desember 2013

More Food in Sumatra

When its really cold in Toba lake area, I ordered this in the restaurant of Romlans.
Its Pineaple fritters, a little oil greasy but taste really Summer, its weird right? but so far I like it.

German Bakery of Tabo sell so many option of cake and bread. This time I peek one of the guest in Romlans ate this and makes me want it also. So I walk with My husband to Tabo and get this oatmeal bread for IDR 24,000 (highly price but tasted ok) then they also have this Terong BElanda pie that taste damn good, so good until we forgot to take a picture of it ;)

Don't imagine Pizza Hut, this pizza taste is more Italian, get in on Rumba Restaurant, just to the left side from ROMLANS hotel. For IDR 65,000 its mozarella cheese just melt in our mouth and grab the taste of the baked mushroom and meatball so does bacon did a really good job pampering our tounge!
Too bad we only buy this one thin pizza, i really want to have some more!!

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