Senin, 11 November 2013

MEDAN Where foodism comes to real..

When I mentioned to my colleague that " I am taking a leave to Medan" they scream like.. "Eatiiiiing"
Yup, Medan is nearly famous for its meals, its food and food again, other than food Medan its not that fun.
on 2007 my first visit to Medan, I only got to try Mie Aceh(I dont like Mie Aceh but my friend said that its the delicious of all) and Satai Padang.

Well, this time I am planning to visit Medan for foodism. There are so many food I'd like to try:
  • BIHUN KARI TABONA - White Noodle in  Curry Soup
 Located in Mangkubumi Street. We went here on our last day in Medan, We were very determined to find this place and missed the place several times. Since We ride Betor (Motorcycle Vehicle) the driver were not aware about this famous place.
When we finnaly found it, I was like: Yeah Superb!!.The taste is really savory, no regret! My husband ordered Beef Bihun Curry and Me preferred Chicken Curry. It cost me IDR 30,000 which is expensive for Idonesian breakfast but worth the price. They also have a very nice pudding, I bought 2 for baby Zach.

      • I only eat satai padang in Medan, because this is reasonable taste compare to in Jakarta. They cost cheap IDR 10.000 - 15.000 and Ahun-i treat us, yayyy, she is so nice. Must Try Meals in Medan is Satai Padang! I ate in RAME Traditional market, in front of Thamrin Plaza,. bit hard to find the parking area though
    I ahve no picture of the meals unfortunately
      • Yeah so happy during our break in Thamrin Plaza, on the third floor besides TimeZone(theme playground). Please buy the cappucino that it taste like Jamoca from Baskin n Robin. the price, no its not more that USD 4, for 2 cone they cost me only IDR 14,000 or less than 2 dollars.
    • CA SIO - Hainam Rice & Pork Chops
    Where we ate this? It was in BENGKEL area, on our way trip to Samosir. It was lunch time and Aliong Kuku suggested us to eat in here. They taste not bad but I'd better to have the on in Jakarta, DUTA MAS. The best Ca sio its actually in Sun Yat Sen in Medan, but I don't get the chance to try. IDR 150,000 for 5 person, include their tasty CAPCAI ;) mix vegetables.
    CA SIO  - NASI CAMPUR HAINAM, my Mami favorites
    • MIE GOMAK 
      • One of the meals that I have in Romlan Restaurant, in my hotel when I stayed in Toba Lake,. MIE GOMAK, its like spaghetti in curry sauce. They used Batak ingredients which Im not used to yet, like andaliman? have you every heard that seasoning? it cost me only IDR 15,000 which is great!
    I will continue later, with more food from Medan!


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    1. owalah itu toh mie gomak, aku baru liat hahaha