Kamis, 23 Januari 2014

[Review] LUCIDO L Vitamin Spray

I see it in TV commercial and when I visit lotte market the price is not that high.
So, I try to get one *commercialvictim*
I always interested with hair product, like make it smooth, shiny etc.

It has a pink color and the inside is plain liquid. Well I just use it for 1 week only, but I can tell I am not recommend this item.
let me share you my experience:
1. It has only light effect but no shiny, perhaps because it is a vitamin
2. They smell nice and make your hair fresher, even if you don't wash your hair everyday.
3. It makes your hair feel lighter, which is good but still can't make your hair look straight.
4. Look healthy? I can't tell in a week the effect its not so obvious since I have a normal hair and not too greasy or dry.

Its not fair to talk that LUCIDO - L from Mandom its not a good, Maybe I will try the other product.
I am interested to buy the Olive Oil. We'll see the effect, will it be as good as SKINFOOD Olive serum.


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