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[REVIEW] Restaurant - PAULANER BRAHAUSE Kempinski

Jakarta, 20 March 2014

It was my wedding anniversary, the 4th. Being 4 years together in marriage life been so much fun, its not they were without problems, problems especially on financial sometimes bring us down but since we are not focusing on the problem but to the solution, then we are survive, still way long to go..

Where to pick this time, I went to PAULANER BRAHAUSE - Yum Yum! It located in Grand Indonesia, lt.2 (its actually in Kempinski Hotel). Enter via East Gate, then up to 3rd  floor, using elevator to went down to 2nd floor.

They re-opened on last November 2013. My last time visit was in 2012 hehehe been a very long time ago. So I kinda miss the platter and the salmon gril,. yumyum!
paulaner from Elevator
Paulaner Frontliner

I finally ordered Cesar Salad as opener, Paulaner Platter for 2, the original home made beer its really the best beer in town!!
Paulaner Salad IDR 59,000,-

Paulaner Platter - IDR 275,000,-
I forget the name but this IDR 65,000,-
Light Beer - IDR 83,000,-

The platter is huge and actually both of us can't finish it. In one plate they serve Poaches smoked pork chopped, 2 vienna sausages, meatloaf, 1 debrener sausage, 2 nuremberg sausages, and crispy cork knucle serve with sauerkraut and a very smooth tasty mashed potatoes!

I love all the taste, its just fit to my tounge! The Light beer definitely a rock star!

Come again, later in another occasion,..

Have you try it also? what do you think?

++ all prices subject to 21% tax & service tax

More info:
Grand Indonesia East Mall, level 2
Telp. 2358 3871

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