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[REVIEW] Restaurant HAN GANG Senayan City

Jakarta, 26 March 2011 - Han Gang Senayan City

If you really had a limited time, eat Bibimbap! Yeah, I was having a visit from Circuit Overseer who is a Korean couple. At Lunch she was accompanied by my Mom and They ate my spectacular Mom's cook. Since, I am not that spectacular, restaurant is the best I can do. I pick Han Gang, since they must know what to order. Kim Juon and Miran(wife) were happy and they knew what to order.

We arrive at 6 pm, I ordered without reading the menu: Mbak we're in hurry please bring me, dolsot yache bibimbap and Ojienggo Bibimbap. Meanwhile Miran ordered Kalbitang and Kim ordered the same menu as I am.

They served "banchan" in 2 minutes we gave our ordered. Then our menu delivered after 7 minutes, which is very quick I considered, its Hot hot hot.. but we manage to eat it in 10 minutes and finally We could leave the restaurant at 6:38 pm yayyy.. (we had meeting for piooner at 7 pm and arrived 15 minutes before it started).

We were in hurry so we didn't take any picture, but the picture from might help.
Dolsot Bibimbap - IDR 58,000

Ojienggo Bibimbap - IDR 58,000

Galbitang - around IDR 79,000 - forget hehehe

What makes me happy?
1. The location is very near to my house
2. Surprisingly they taste as nice in Walter Monginsidi
3. Bibimbap rocks with Indonesian taste much better than the other restaurant serve bibimbap only in Senayan City also..
4. They gave me 15% discount as they were having anniversary at the moment yayy..

I love Korean Cuisine and will never regret to drop by again to taste some more ;) How about you fellas?

Hangang senayan city
LG Floor Unit L-09A telp. 021 7278 1231

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