Kamis, 26 Juli 2012


Mall Taman Anggrek -Jakarta, Feb, 2010.
That was the date when I bought the shoes. At first I saw it in Semanggi Plaza where the price like 699.000 well I dont know for someone else but for me the price is very expensive. Since, it my wedding day I decided to buy it anyway then I got it in MEtro -TA Mall where they gave it discount for 10% Yummy!!
I bought 2 Noche Shoes for me and my sister for the wedding.

This is a historical shoes and I never use if but to my wedding because the heels even its only 7cm but im not heels type of a girl. 

Last week, 21 July 2012, My friend Tintin (Aguestin) borrow it from me and use it to her MBA Graduation day, that make me so proud. 

This shoes is a historical shoes! ^.^

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