Sabtu, 28 Juli 2012


Brantas River-2009!

Jakarta, 29 July 2012-.

The last time I took a visit to Kertosono, my father home town was in 2010 with my beloved Husband after our wedding which was on March, I guess. I also meet my sista there who is directly went there from Papua (Irian Jaya) where she worked at that time.
Galang-Me-Gita my sister

Guess What! I got a another ticket there. These time I bought a ticket to YOGYA and my cousin in law will pick me and take me to KLATEN, Middle Java my mother home town. There is no airport both in Klaten n Kertosono that is why I prefer to fly to Yogya first which is 1 hour from Klaten. 

My mom was so jealous because every 2 year I go to Kertosono, but never to Klaten. I remember it was my 2nd Junior High School its like.. 15 years ago! I will surely write down my next trip to Klaten.

After that I will take a train ticket to Kertosono on the day after, since they run out ticket from Klaten. I will stay for 2Nights in Kertosono and go back to Jakarta soon. 

Cant wait! 

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