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15 August 2009 -Singapore

Our first trip so Sing, when we skip together on Friday from our duties in office!
Feels so free and so much fun! We had no stress at all at that time. Thanks God we met our friend in Sing, she guide us back from Sentosa Island and go sightseeing in several places such us:

The Esplanade:

Here in Esplanade we took a walk from the Sing Symbol (the lion statue), it was pretty far since several other friend join we had fun!

Orchard Road
Nothings really happening here, just we walked down the street while we finished shopping in BUGIS market and bought things such us glasses, watch, shirt etc.

Before we meet Bela our friend we did go ourself to Sentosa Island, and goes to Sentosa beach, try Skyride and sightseeing for a while.

We need to buy a ticket to enter the Sentosa island, the ticket is return to get on a sky train that delivered us there.
The Beach is made! It is so fake no wave, its just like a playground. Yet, indeed the sentosa island is a playground only.
SKYRIDE is the only exciting!

Totally about Singapore city is boring, its just a city, small and indeed it is a Country, but it so small and I would never go there again since they provide the entertain that is not fit to my style. The transportation and the food are so expensive. I love nature better. But so far the city is so clean and neat. This is what I love about Singapore. 

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