Kamis, 27 September 2012

Help: My baby refuse to drink with bottle

My baby today is 9 Months.
The problem is since the long holiday, 12 days i stayed at home during Lebaran holiday, I tend to do the breasfeeding more often and use less bottle. My baby prefer to have breastfeeding then do it with nipple bottle. Even my breatsfeeding milk (asi) is placed in the bottle he refuse to consume it.

Things is easier when he was before 7 months, He start taking bottle since 2 weeks and now He dont want to do it anymore.

Now, my mom who is taking care my baby while im working feed my baby with spoon which is i consider not the best way since it spill out moreoften. Another way is using a training cup, he refuse at first but now he like it.. only in a few weeks, now he refuse again.

I am so much worry because he consume a very little milk, but he eats like 3 times a day. Have you ever experienced the same thing and able to solve the problem? My baby is 9 months now, so its pretty hard to feed him with rubber nipple cause he can taste its not a breastmilk. it easier when he is only 3 months cause he still cant figure out what it is..
this is Zac..

Share please..

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