Kamis, 06 September 2012

Sweet Escape - YOGYAKARTA 2007

Yayy i remeber this was my first self travelling time. My boy fren was in the US so i travel by my own.

Well the most interesthing about Yogya is that I can meet lots of bule there and sure I could manage to practice my English. I met Philip from Poland. He was a world budget traveler and so far he went to 65 countries alread only with one bag pack, camera and also labtop to save everything.

I was interested to tell about him rather than Yogya, cause you are gonna see my other post about Yogya city, overall Yogya is the most friendly city i've ever been. I've been there twice and plan to visti again of course.

My trip purpose was to meet my friend who has a wedding in Yogyakarta plaza hotel, which i took a taxi from Marlboro and it cost me really cheap $ 2! I met Filip on my wat to Borobudur the famous ancient trade mark of Yogyakarta that is actually not located in Yogya. that time i took a bus, paid $1 and continue with andong $ 1, well fair enough since it was a tourist area. I enjoy talking to Filip, you can check his interesting travelling story in www.filipontheroad.com

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