Kamis, 24 Januari 2013


Another pleasing thing what I found from working in AXA tower which under Kuningan City is they have ACE HARDWARE,..ooh I love Ace Hardware (a bit because Bunda Amalia-myfriend in college introduce me to this Huge Pleasant place to shop).

See this picture below: its a bag hanger I bought at IDR 129,000 only. They came in one package in a box, then my dear husband who manage and build the bag hanger. I love it. I love Ace hardware, and I can visit like one in a month to see their promo.

I am still waiting for the screw driver, i know its a Guy Stuff - but ist a house stuff, One day I will make my small house become beautiful. ;)

thumb if you like ace hardware ;)

For your info, ACE HARDWARE is located in the 2nd Floor Kuningan City across to Jatomi Fitness center. Its not the biggest store of Ace in Jakarta, but its not that bad.


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