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Bintan Cabana Beach Resort - review

They have the best coffee brew ever!!
In the morning during my check out I sit in the breakfast area and wait the driver to pick me and drop me at the harbor/pier.
I took a black coffee with one tea spoon sugar, and Gee it taste so nice.
They brew a very delicate coffee that I might not get in Jakarta. I can't bring the coffee home, i am a coffee lover eventually and i regret that..

What am I talking about? Yea ya I write to give a good review about this hotel/inn. As a continue for our meeting in Batam (which I review holiday inn batam) we are finance team continue to have a pleasure in Bintan Island which only 1 hour by boat from Batam Island. But I just so fascinated with the coffee flavor..

After have a great lunch in RM Jawa Timur that taste really nice compare to hotel dinner in batam that taste awful we are heading to Bintan Cabana Resort.
Yaaayyy Beach time (I screamed loud). i love beach the calmity etc...

Totally as for the affordable price the hotel give a nice service. You dont got someone to drop you in your room, but the hotel room is wide enough(as you can see in the picture) but they dont have carpet perhaps because when you got out the room you will feel sand.

Its really clean, and the view was so nice directly to the sea. They have AC and warm water. The barbeque also nice and the food price was not that expensive. Too bad their karaoke room is broken but if you want to hang out late they have pool-billiard pool.

price: less than IDR 500,000
Contact here please:
Bintan Cabana Beach Resort
Jalan Pantai Trikora Km.46 Malang Rapat Bintan Island 29153,
Phone: +628117047300 / 7600
Reservation +08192695000

Link for this hotel:

So please see the picture I share below:

This is the hotel balcony-my room
This is the view from my room
Another view from my room, isnt grea?

the room wasnt so bad, its clean and not having bad smell

the make up table and tv are rather old, but i didnt visit the island to watch tv

the toilet and wash room is clean enough but rather old
the way to lobby, see they have the spa in a very cheap price also
the pool... is located in the villa area.


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