Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

Air Asia X Experience - Jakarta Seoul

Are you people sometimes worry to fly with Air Asia, especially with connecting flight?
Well dont be, I experienced they are well manage airlines.

We are very rare to hear good news about air asia despite the promotion they are famous about being late, delay or else ( I had experinced 3 hours delay with my flight from Jakarta to Singapore) but I think its depend the country you fly with. Let me tell you my story. ;)

The night before my flight I was freaking out, worrying about the delay or else can cause I miss my flight. Then I booked the travel insurance in case there is something uncomfort happen, but nothing was really happen that bad. All the fear is nonsense, from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur(KL) I took flight AK 381 depart at 8:30, I did the early check in before so that I only need to drop my luggage, which is I found out I had more than 5 kilo's then I expected, I need to pay around IDR 625.000 ( I never thought its going to weight since my luggage only full with food). From Jakarta, they are supposed boarding at 8:00 but they are late, so the flight late for 20 min, begin to worry about the connecting flight. My arrival time was 11:30 and connect to Incheon at 13:55. Thanks God I was having no problem in KL since the arrival and departure airport is so near only 2 minutes walk. Arrive at 11:40 KL time I hurry took line in immigration where i was the first line, and run heading to grab my luggage which I can see from far already on the escalator, I ran then grab it ontime!

No need to run to departure to drop mybag since its still last 2hours! So i drop my luggage then took my husband for lunch in Marrybrown, which I surprised this fastfood restaurant has more affordable price and Yummy menu then in Jakarta! I took Chick a licious while my husband ete Nasi marrybrown, his better at taste!

After eating we took D7 2682 to Seoul and the pre book meal was delicious, i got chicken barbeque and my husband got chicken kungpao! I am not sleeping at all inmyflight since I am so excited to see Seoul.. I met ahjussi n ahjumma eho actually has the same Belief as me. He was reading awake magazine the same as we do ;) and Wow wow look outside Ii feel like amazed by the view at night! I dont know whether it wad Incheon or Seoul but its spark so light just like swarovsky from above ;) Seoul here we go!!

On our return flight no problem has occured, Incheon Aiport was very discipline as nice as KL. I took taxi to reach Dong Incheon terminal then took the 36 Bus to Airport that drop us in front of departure gate. No Baggage checking in Incheon..yahooo!! we drop our baggage then go with internal train to another departure spot, fly comfortly to KL. We arrive in KL at 05:05 (on time) line in Immigration line then took our luggage (20mmin waiting) then run to drop our luggage. Stil got time we enjoy hot hazelnut chocolate for 12.9 MYR in Starbuck Airport and Dunkin Donuts. We fly on time and arrive on time also in jakarta Airport at 08 am. So we can reach to visit our friends wedding at 11 am.

So far we dont have problem to visit Korea, with Immigration or else.
Join me in Exploring Asia!! No hustle with air asia.
The Airport in Seoul was really stunning!! the best airport ever

On the way back to KL i got this teddy bear in Seoul-Namdaemun

my chicken barbeque

My husband kungpao chicken pre book meal


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