Selasa, 09 Juni 2009

Fashion Bliss

" Look out that girl" I said in my mind. Everyone is dressing oh so well. I still remember that my sense telling me to wear a kind of dress that makes me comfort. Television said, magazine said be trendy and follow me. Seems like all the model in the magazine telling us to be just like them?

As I recall whenever I come to the office and my friend said Im having a bad DRESS day.. ( I have a friend in my office that is so annoying ) S&%T I said. trust me It will ruin my day and my morning. My head is aching to hear the unnecessary comment. I know U do look good but stop talking to me in the morning and telling me how to dress. Gosh, can u just leave me alone? Let me be my self cause I am proud to be who I am, no matter U like it or not, just skip away if U don't like it then.

The paradigm is change? seems to be cause everybody is worry about what to wear like every single moment. Bein so F%$#^9 consume with all their doom.
Well dressing is nice things.. I cant deny that sometimes I want to look good too. But I dont and I never ruin someones day by telling them that they look bad just because they have their own style.

These world is so sick cause people are really consume with what other people think about them isnt a form of losing self confidence?? dunno. Well just call me later cause im fine with myself now. Never gonna pretend to be someone elses ;p

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