Minggu, 14 Juni 2009

Bowling Competition = Pfizer WLB

Sempat menyesal krn dulu tidak bisa ikut seminar untuk introduction WLB ( Work Life Balance ) di kantorku krn harus ke kampus +_+ jadi cuma dapat selembarannya aja dan isi kuesioner.

Setelah di pikir-pikir I feel so comfy to work for Pfizer, soalnya this kind of need they really do pay attention. The pressure is only about work but the others like Employee relations and also working environment, they do really want to make people stay. Sometimes I have to stay late in the office not because they insist me to do so, but because the work load kinda high..but I enjoy it.

Last Friday, for example we had the bowling competition at Plaza Senayan start at 4 pm. Everybody seems very excited whether the player or just the supporter. Finally my team Marketing Primary care got the 3rd winner and Marketing Establish Product be the 1st Winner.

Not only this bowling competition. usually every Friday of the month we use to have a coffe break, from a specific education about the product, or as simply as how to decorate a cake, create a good pitcture with our camera. I am so glad to work in this kind of environment that allow me to have many friends, supporting mentor and all others that makes my life balance, between work and personal life..

Cheers for Pfizer ;)

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