Sabtu, 13 Juni 2009

Marriage life = Berat!

Today I just return from visiting my best friend meita..
She lives down there in Lippo karawaci, Islamic village..with her husband Chris and new baby born james..
They have house, a car and live a happy family..seem so Fun!
But then I asked about the money they spend for the wedding.. then continue to the house, a mortgage.. and the other bill like paying the babysitter, electricity, waterbill...kyaaa
jadi takut merit..
I mean marriage is not simply as i thought..
get married on the paper and ready for any kind of possibility..
Must we have a house? then a car? then a .... ( wondering when will i get married if it so )

I want a simply paper that I can use to claim that I am married already. Then no matter where I live I am gonna be happy with my romeo..
Why it caused me a deeply sad feeling for being very unprepared.. Hufff..
Tell me is that difficult? ;?

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