Sabtu, 20 Juni 2009

Sour Sally with their yogurt

At the beginning I am a yogurt haters. First, Edy told me to drink yogurt i think its s#*#k, then I read to read few article that mention that yogurt is a healthy choice. Well, I consume yakult, kind of weird but i try to drink it. At the mall some of the restaurant also provide yogurt as the dessert or beverage. I try to eat and drink whatever yogurt and become in love with it cause many variants of it, strawberry, blueberry etc. Myfav now is Cimory taste delicious and I drink it in the morning, sometimes I mix yogurt with oatmeal, corn flakes, raisin and fruits also for my breaksfast. I dont know what effect could bring but I like the taste of it. When I was at Plaza Semanggi while I wait for my friend I took a sit on and eat the yogurt, it taste really nice. Then I bought more for my friends.

Lastnite, I went to Mall Orchid ( read:taman anggrek mall). Via suggest us to have yogurt at SOUR SALLY. the place deseigned to make us feel like home but kinda bit narrow. I take a look at the Price WOW thats a pretty high Price for a Yogurt. We spend like 83 thousand rupiahs there! I eat plain with choco chips topping, then Via eat green tea with mochi topping, meanwhile darwin eat strawberry with kiwi topping. Well its taste more like yogurt compare then

Will I go here again? I say No. its too way expensive for a small yogurt. They have member card. But anyone know how much the price for the member card? Cause I see that its kinda have cool promotion..

But maybe I will go there again just to eat and show it to myfren..

Love yogurt but not that crazy to spend it in high price ;)
Well delicious is not always a Sin
but the healthy is always expensive ;D

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