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BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream review

It is finally arrived!!
I bought again BB cream, the left one is Missha M perfect cover but its not mine. I usually use Missha but now I finally use BRTC. Its pricy thou, but I always dream to use it. Last time I bought the sample and feel so good using the sample.

I will use it and give a comment after next week.

If you are wonder what it BRTC please check below:

What is BRTC?

BRTC is abbreviation for Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetic and is a cosmeceutical brand to optimize the efficiency of skincare with natural botanical ingredients. The brand is launched in over 9 countries and for the first time introduced to the U.S. It is featured in more than 30 fashion /beauty magazines and millions of products are shipped every year. There are 5 different patents that compose of natural ingredients used in many BRTC products. Unlike today's skincare ladened with many chemicals, BRTC ingredients are sought from highly specialized unique plants/seeds/nuts and extracts.

You can get more information in www.brtcstore.com

Well so far I am satisfied:
* It has nice textur, not too greasy and not too fluid, not too thick
* it gaves me SPF 30 which is good, im not a person who work under the sun anyway so its fine with me
* the smells of jasmine not too strong which I like but still fresh
* My face look fresh and bright instantly but still natural
* trusted ingredients as a remedy for the skin
* worth the price, since what they promise is proven clinically to myself (less wrinkle on eye area)

I just found out that this BB cream is actually for DRY skin type, well i am an normal-oily skin type.
But when I use it (i have bought this so no other way but to use it) it feels light. Not too heavy on my make up, and adaptable if you want to wear them without make up. I will finish the tube before I bought for oily skin. This is keep my skin smooth. Just love it and worth the price.

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