Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

LIVE ART MUSEUM: Trick Art Museum Jakarta

Last Monday, 17 Dec 2012 I took my annual leave together with my sister and hubby and baby Zac of course!

Where to? Trick Art Museum Jakarta, are you sure is not in Japan or Seoul? Yes! Yes! Yes!
I missed this spot when i visited Seoul last time, yet the place was so attractive! In Seoul they are located in HongDae-youth environment spot in Seoul which i missed to visit.

Korean tourism was booming in Jakarta perhaps that is why this Museum brought to Jakarta. Even though it will only one year, from Nov 2012 till Oct 2013 but still its amazing!

So if you are in Jakarta in those date, have a visit in PASARAYA GRANDE BLOK M, 7th floor and pay only IDR 70,000 or US $ 8 perperson and get a discount voucher from lotte mart. (i use a discount from lotte mart thats why it only cost me IDR 60,000).
Ini contoh ticketnya dari lejel ;D

I just want to share the picture with you all and see how interesting to take a picture with famous painting in 2 D! Enjoy!

Mirror Effect I love it

Space effect - Giant!

stairs effect: Brilliant

Jika informasi ini membantu, please info yah ;) give comment!

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  1. woooww keren bgt!!! itu 3D ya... pengen kesana deh..

    1. Yes Indeed, just got info ternyata ada juga museum ini Japan version lebih keren lagi di Grand Indonesia tapi blum ada info sampai kapan itu adanya ;)