Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

My Breakfast Item: SANDWHICH

I am trying hard to find the positive think about working in AXA Tower, aside from the famous bad traffic so that I wont sorry for I had left GKBI Luxury building.. +___+ Burst in tears!

Yup, here to tell you find one! I love American Breakfast, usually i have it in Daily Bread, they're sandwhich are great (in BRI II Building next to GKBI). Now, I can find my Cheap american breakfast even cheaper than Daily Bread(cost me IDR 30,000/items).

Dunkin Donuts has launched affordable breakfast item which they serve from 6 am till 10 am, you can pick your own bun (bread/croisant) and your meat and plus you can have whether Coffee or Tea? Isnt it great? and its all for IDR 14,900 plus i still can use my discount card ;) *lucky lucky me

Where to find? Just go to Mall Ambassador, in the main lobbi you will find dunkin donuts on the right side.

Worth to try!

Great Now I have two positive think: American breakfast and also Shop all you need in mall ambassador. ;)


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