Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

Mulia Hotel Senayan Jakarta Review

 It is not the fancy hotel as i always imagine.. well its been years right?
It is the most luxurious hotel in Jakarta, some people called. I was having a luck by staying in this place for free, the published rate is pretty expensive USD 235 or more? Anyhow its a bit old now. if only they change the furniture. ;) I was taking the Splendor Room.
The BREAKFAST is also not as yummi as when i was staying in Patra hotel Bali ;( the option is not that much. The powder room or toilet was luxury and great. Me and baby Zac love to spend more time to be in the bathtube. 
The SERVICE is great, but remember do not use sandals as sandals is not allowed to be in this hotel.
The LOCATION is great, near Senayan City mall and Plaza Senayan, the center of luxury mall in Jakarta include pacific place also. So  for spending time with family this coould have been an option ;D
See Zac and Daddy was all excited about the bed room.

This is the cheapest room, and its pretty comforting for they have mini living room here next to bed.
It is also have a study table with fancy mirror in it. Luxury right?

this is the look when we want out from the room. this is the TV cabinet.
Hahaha the TV is a bit odd style, I mean its not even LCD right?

My favorite part of the room is the bathtube, its a big one.

My baby spend time in the very wide pool, which is match with the hotel.
Conclution: I will never want to pay for this hotel, expensive and the place is not as luxury as I imagine ;p (plus i left my iphone charger there hiks... poor me)

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